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by:MOSO     2020-02-22
VI of VICOR power supply-200 and VI-J00 series DC- DC converter has the advantages of high power, low noise, reliability and simple application, which defines the model of power supply module for the industry. The product has thousands of input, display and power combinations, and the Power Designer can easily select the required modules. At present, tens of millions of modules have been installed on various power supply systems and have proved to be working well. VI with tight structure and high efficiency-200 and VI-J00 DC- DC converter has wide input range and remote sensing end; Better display programming and low standby loss. VI- 200 it is equipped with a multiplier to provide a simple and effective power increase scheme. After parallel connection, the power can reach up to kilowatt. VI- The 200 series also has functions such as over-voltage protection and over-temperature shutdown; VI- J00 series can operate normally at 100 ℃ substrate degree Celsius. There are many degrees Celsius Specifications: * as low as working degrees Celsius-55 ℃ and storage degree Celsius-65 degrees Celsius. And there are a variety of substrate styles to choose from. Electronic circuits are completely encapsulated and protected, suitable for harsh environments. And provide models with radiators. Dear customers; Your current webpage is VICOR power product page. If you want to know about the product, please remind you: you can contact us directly by message or phone, to learn more about related products, our staff will do their best to serve you, pursue the best service, high quality, and create enterprise value with the integration of technology and design. The products sold by our company include ARTESYN power supply, imported high-power switching power supply and so on, 'take the market as the cut-in, technology as the driving force, users as the center, talents as the foundation, and Management for Development, the guidance of 'taking efficiency as life' has won the praise of the vast number of users in China. Please rest assured that the vast number of users will choose their favorite products.
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