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by:MOSO     2020-02-21
Server power supply can be divided into ATX power supply and SSI power supply according to standards. ATX standard is widely used, mainly for desktop computers, workstations and low-end servers; The SSI standard is produced with the development of server technology and is suitable for servers of various grades. ATX standard ATX standard is a specification introduced by Intel in 1997, with an output power of 125 watts ~ Between 350 watts. ATX power supply usually uses 20Pin (20 needles)The double-row rectangular socket supplies power to the motherboard. With the introduction of Pentium um4 processor by Intel, the power supply specification has also been modified from ATX to ATX12V. Compared with ATX power supply, ATX12V power supply mainly adds a 4Pin 12V power supply output, in order to better meet the power supply requirements of Pentium 4. SSI standard SSI specification is a new type of server power specification launched by Intel in conjunction with some major IA architecture server manufacturers. The launch of SSI specification is to standardize server power technology and reduce development costs, it is formulated to extend the service life of the server, mainly including server power supply specifications, backplane system specifications, server chassis system specifications and heat dissipation system specifications. Depending on the environment and scale of use, SSI specifications can be divided into four seed specifications: TPS, EPS, MPS and DPS. EPS specification: it is mainly designed for middle and low-end servers powered by single power supply. The design adheres to the basic specifications of ATX power supply, but there are some differences in electrical performance indicators. It is suitable for rated power at 300 watts ~ 400 watt power supply, independent use, not used in redundant mode. Later, the specification developed to EPS12V (Version2. 0) , The applicable rated power reaches 450 W ~ 650 watts, the intuitive difference between it and ATX12V power supply * is that it provides 24Pin motherboard power interface and 8Pin CPU power interface. Lenovo Wanquan 2200C/2400C uses EPS standard power supply with an output power of 300W and a wide input voltage range of 90 ~ 264 V, power factor greater than 0. 95, due to the selection of high-specification components, its average failure-free time (MTBF)More than 150000 hours. Dear visitors: Hello! Welcome to our website. Your current location is our server power product page. The introduction of this product here is relatively simple. If you want to know the product parameters in more detail, friendly reminder: you can get in touch with us by viewing other pages or by message or phone to further understand the relevant product information, we look forward to your call. In addition, the products sold by our company include medical power supply, DC/DC, etc. Welcome to consult! The excellent performance of the products and the perfection of the service are our endless pursuit. Please feel free to buy your favorite products.
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