With the power adapter, charger does not have harm

by:MOSO     2020-03-18
Mobile phones, laptops, LCD TV, and so on all kinds of electronic products, it has been more and more cannot leave this kind of product, especially mobile phones and laptop computers, so the resulting problem is charging, when your mobile phone, laptop charger, power adapter after the electricity, you will timely pull down? Don't pull down will have harm? According to market survey found that more than sixty percent of people said, because now the use of mobile phones, computer degree is more and more big, the charging problem to charge at least once a day or two, so for the sake of their own convenience, generally will not remove the charger or power adapter, they have habit of these products directly on the board for use at any time. So when the charger standby on the board line, have harm? On this basis, the personage inside course of study says, in fact, when the power adapter, chargers and other products standby, in their works, just electrical flow is small. The personage inside course of study says, while using the charger and other products must insert the charger in the ventilation and heat dissipation place easily, it is best not to have been using charging, hold good charging time, don't put the plug in the socket charger and other products. When people leave home to go out and try to get off charging equipment, turn the power off, lest cause a fire. In the power adapter and other products standby generates a standby power, the charger so don't pull out the power consumption of mobile phone chargers power's largest to 308 milliwatts, in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, we should to do increases with the increasing charge. Finally, the frequent use of power adapter, chargers and other equipment have radiation, affect human body health. Power adapter manufacturer to remind everybody, the use of the charger, power adapter and other equipment is the best products of the original product, or buy from normal manufacturer, try not to buy a roadside stall, and types of the domestic product quality is uneven. For your own safety, it is recommended that all mobile phone charging is completed, immediately shut down or pull out the power, to develop good habits of electricity
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