Wifi smartphone/tablet SmartDALI lighting control system

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
Over the years our company launched DALI Tools/EasyDALI SmartDALI intelligent lighting control system by the market and customer recognition and praise. Along with the development of the smartphone/tablet, to further improve our product features and people's demand for wireless mobile platform of remote control, we therefore developed a new SmartDALI intelligent lighting control system platform, integrated Wifi smartphone/tablet wireless control function of lighting, with a friendly operating software, powerful, widely used in lighting engineering. Shenzhen moso co. , LTD. Is a intelligent lighting control system, host, intelligent switch DALI, DALI DALI control dimmer, DALI decoding module, DALI signal converter, LED dimming solution/OEM, LED dimming power supply and LED controller, the product customized products such as professional production and processing limited liability company, and is the first domestic provide complete DALI lighting control solutions, DALI protocol LED decoder OEM/ordering service providers. Welcome to inquire.
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