Why do power adapter products need CE certification? What are the benefits of CE certification?

by:MOSO     2020-02-16
Why should power adapter products apply for CE certification? (1) the necessity of applying for CE certification CE certification provides a unified technical specification for the products of various countries to trade in the European market and simplifies the trade procedures. Any country's products must be CE certified to enter the EU and the European free trade area, and CE marks must be affixed to the products. Therefore, CE certification is the pass for products to enter the markets of EU and European trade free zone countries. CE certification means that the product has reached the safety requirements stipulated in the EU directive; It is a kind of commitment of enterprises to consumers, which increases consumers' trust in products; Products marked with CE will reduce the risk of selling in the European market. These risks include: 1. The risk of being detained and investigated by the Customs; 2. Risks investigated and dealt with by market supervision agencies; 3. The risk of being accused by peers for competitive purposes. (2) benefits of applying for CE certification 1. The EU's laws, regulations and coordination standards are not only numerous, but also very complicated. Therefore, it is a wise move to obtain the help of the EU's designated agencies, which is time-saving, labor-saving and can reduce risks; 2. Obtaining the CE certification certificate from the EU-designated institution can gain the trust of consumers and market supervision institutions to the greatest extent; 3. Can effectively prevent the occurrence of irresponsible allegations; 4. In the face of litigation, the CE certification certificate of the EU designated institution will become the technical evidence with legal effect; 5. Once punished by EU countries, certification bodies will share risks with enterprises, thus reducing the risks of enterprises.
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