What's the difference between things networking IoE and IoT IoT?

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
All things networking ( 埃克斯波特学院) By Gartner, listed as one of the important trends in 2015. All things networking is a relatively new term, but most people don't know all things networking ( 埃克斯波特学院) And the Internet of things ( 物联网) The difference between. Next, we can through the definition and application way to explore this new concept of the future. All things networking ( 埃克斯波特学院) What is? All things networking ( 埃克斯波特学院) Is brings together people, processes, data, object, make the network link can bring more value of applications and services, make information can create new skills, rich experience, and in the field of business, individual, country into new economic opportunities. ( Cisco, 2013) In simple terms, all connected to the Internet is a smart way to link people, processes, data, object. All things networking with billions of objects is the concept of sensors to detect measure and evaluate its status. All link object, whether public or private network are common use standardization and specificity of the agreement. A, the backbone of the Internet bring people: everything will be in the form of more applications, more valuable people link together bring about process: at the right time to provide accurate information to the right people ( Or machine) Bring information: convert data into intelligence in order to make better decisions bring objects: the physical device object linking and intelligent decision making based on network; Often referred to as the Internet of things ( 物联网) Second, the Internet of things ( 物联网; 物联网) The Internet of things ( 物联网) Is the entity object link to the Internet, these objects using embedded technology to make objects can state of internal and external environment can influence each other. In other words, when the object can be awareness and communication, it will change the way of decision, the timing of the decision and decision-making object. Three, all connected to the Internet ( 埃克斯波特学院) And the Internet of things ( 物联网) The differences of all things connected to the Internet ( 埃克斯波特学院) Contains four important elements, namely, people, processes, data and objects, however, the Internet of things ( 物联网) Only focus on the object of this element. In addition, further enhances the functionality of Internet of things networking in order to improve the results, with business and industry will eventually through promoting the progress of the Internet of things to make people have a better life. Value in order to realize the value of everything connected to the Internet, public sector organizations must explore issues of strategy, culture, and run. Bring about leadership: can create the most valuable of all things networking opportunity is what? I where to start? The long-term vision is what? Bring about governance: how to allocate money to all things networking infrastructure? How to measure success? Ability to bring about: what we need to develop skills to realize the value of everything connected to the Internet? We need some partners to participate? Bring about technology: what things networking platform for the use case will fund our investment? The future development of all things connected to the Internet will be on three levels to create industry development pattern, the business process ( 业务流程) , the business model ( 商业模式) And business ( 业务的时刻) 。 'In the first stage, the digital technology is gradually improve people's products, services and processes, our customers and our experience, and the way the enterprise and the partner work. ”。 As enterprise digital transition and streamline, new business patterns have emerged. Gartner analysts predict that some digital innovation can make the business model to create new transformational change. Le Hong to Nike, for example, suggests that the health care industry combined with sportswear and equipment, Google in automated vehicles can also have significant applications in the market. 'These organizations in the industry is not very relevant business, but now jump to create a new business model'. The third stage of digital innovation is due to the competition in the market again for unprecedented business needs speed and agility, Gartner said it as a business. Gartner predicts the enterprise will be widely used IoE technology, a large number of products will sell in different markets. Which will contain the advanced medical equipment, industrial automation, sensors and industrial robot technology, improving agricultural output of sensor devices, automotive sensors and foundation construction monitoring and control system ( Such as road, rail transport, water distribution, power transmission) Such as countless products and services. But when devices can link and collected data, the more privacy and security will be relatively become important new issues, how to choice the consumer right of privacy and rich IoE balance between data will be a important topic. All things networking is one of the important development trend in the future. To cope with new technology, the change of enterprise organization should set up new standard with the government to face it. Enterprise should analyze the needs of its users and customers, the change in the organization of administrative and application process, parsing, and organization of data can make it into information or even the knowledge to the public and sharing, product and equipment and equipment should have the corresponding function. The government is to establish the proper infrastructure to push everything connected to the Internet ( Example: network, water, electricity) And related policies and regulations should also be changed ( Example: personal information law, intellectual property rights) 。 Everything connected to the Internet is a wide variety of objects and products with the science, organization cooperation pattern between different industries will make all things connected to the Internet can have a wider range of application and development, share experience between different industries make both parties can quickly into the other side of the market and inspire more ideas and thoughts, make all things networking concepts can be effective by practice. Source: OFweek iot.
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