What power adapter UL certification, UL certification?

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
UL is (underwriters laboratories in the United States 保险商实验室公司。 ) The shorthand. UL safety test is the most authoritative, is also the world is engaged in the security test and evaluation of large civil institutions. It is an independent, profitable, do test of professional organizations for public security. It USES science to study the method of testing of the various materials, devices, products, equipment, construction and other any hazard to life and property and the harm degree; Sure, write, and the corresponding standards and help reduce of issue and to prevent the loss of lives and property caused by data, at the same time to carry out the truth research business. UL certification in the United States belongs to the compulsory certification, safety performance is mainly product the testing and certification, the certification scope does not include the product EMC ( Electromagnetic compatibility) Features. In short, it is mainly engaged in product safety certification and safety certification business, the ultimate goal is to get fairly safe level for the market of goods, contribute to the health and property safety guaranteed. Is product safety certification as an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade, UL in order to promote the development of international trade also plays a positive role. UL was founded in 1894, the initial stage of UL master in fire insurance department to provide funding for a movement, until 1916, UL is completely independent. During the past hundred years of development, UL has become a world famous certification body, its own has a set of strict organization and management system, the standard development and product certification program. UL by a security experts, government officials, consumer, education, public utilities, insurance and management council composed of representatives of the standards department, daily work by the President and vice President. At present, the UL in the United States has five laboratory, headquarters in Northbrook town, north of Chicago in Taiwan at the same time, suzhou, guangzhou and Hong Kong set up corresponding laboratory, respectively. The column name ( 列出) Column names, in general, only apply to the complete product and qualified personnel in the field replacement or installation of various device and device, belonging to the UL listing services of all kinds of products, including household appliances, medical equipment, computer and business equipment and all kinds of electrical appliances in the role of the buildings. Such as the power distribution system, fuse, wires, switches and other electrical components, etc. The UL listed products, often can label on each product the use of the UL mark the column joint names. Recognition ( 认可) Recognition is a project of UL service service, the identification of the product can only be on the UL listed, classified or other approved product used as components and raw materials. Approved products on the structure is not complete, or have certain restrictions on the purpose to ensure the safety of the desired performance. In most cases, the approved product tracking services belong to the R class. Belong to class recognition products are electronic line L ( AVLV2) Processing, wire ( ZKLU2) , wire harness, ZPFW2) , aluminum wire, DVVR2) , and metal flexible pipe ( DXUZ2) 。 Approved product requirements with a tag.
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