What is the wireless charger? What is the feature of it?

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
Wireless charger is not the traditional charging the power cord is connected to the need to recharge on the terminal equipment of the charger, adopted the latest wireless charging technology, through the use of alternating magnetic field between the coil, power transmission, inductive coupling technology will become the bridge connecting charging stations and equipment. The characteristics of 1. From theory for, harmless to the human body in wireless charging technology, the use of wireless charging is magnetic resonance resonance principle, only in the same frequency resonance transmission between coil, and other devices cannot accept band, in addition, wireless charging technology USES magnetic field itself is harmless to the human body. But wireless charging technology, after all, is a new type of charging technology in source of science and technology of the wireless charger, many people worry about wireless charging technology will be like at the beginning when Fi and mobile phone mast have just appeared, but the technology itself is harmless. 2. Wireless charging technology using magnetic resonance between the charger and equipment of the power transmission in the electric field and magnetic field, coil and the capacitor is in resonance between the charger and equipment. 3. This system can be widely used in the future, such as the recharge area for electric cars and computer chip for power transmission. Using the technology of the charging system need charging time is only about one over one hundred and fifty of the current. 4. The conversion has been a lot of people worry about, through the study, at the Massachusetts institute of technology of wireless charging technology loss is lower than the cable charging technology. Wireless power conversion rate is higher than the cable a few percentage points. High conversion, is also the key to the in the global application of the wireless charger. But as wireless charging technology is limited by distance, the future development, must need to solve the long-distance transmission for accurate positioning problem of wave and magnetic field range. 5. The core chip is one of the difficulties of the application of wireless charging technology in products. Precise radiation range control, the size of the magnetic field frequency, other control is implemented by the chip. Shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD is a production and sales of Qi wireless charger, apple wireless charger, wireless charger customization and other services. 【 Wireless charger oems 】 : 0755 - 33953530!
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