What is the structure of the power adapter, power adapter?

by:MOSO     2020-03-17
We must have very clear, we often talk about the power adapter has two main categories. Divided into linear power adapter and switching power adapter, and the linear power adapter is simpler, can be controlled by a single frequency transformers can be enough, of course, like this only play the role of a buck, or an alternating current. The general switch power adapter is formed by the several big modules: + + filter + PWM rectifier part of pressure sampling + + rectifier, filter. Of course there are many small details, including directly inside. For the classification of the power adapter we also learned about. Here are specific to how the structure of the power adapter? Electronic products used in the power adapter main implementation, change a different voltage to the different system to support the normal work of the corresponding system; To different potential operating of a supply system to the electrical isolation; To communicate current supply high impedance, but to the impedance of the dc supply is low; Under the different potential, maintain or retouching waveform and frequency response. 1, switch transformer, switch power supply, one of the key components. 2, temperature sensors, to detect the internal temperature of the power adapter, when temperature is higher than a certain value, Different brand power adapter, the setting of slightly different temperature threshold) , the output voltage of the protection circuit will be cut off the adapter, thus protecting the adapter from being damaged. 3, fuse, the specification of 2. 5 a / 250 v, when the current in the circuit is too large, the fuse will fuse to protect other components. 4, rectifier bridge, specifications for D3SB, action is the 220 v alternating current into direct current. 5, the op-amp IC ( Integrated circuit) , protection circuit, an important component of the voltage regulation. 6, inductance coil, Also known as the choke) , the main function is to reduce electromagnetic interference. 7, filter capacitance, the specification is 180 & mu; F / 400 v, the function is communication in direct current ripple, make the circuit work more reliable. 8, high-power switch tube, is one of the core components of switch power supply, switching power supply can & other; A a close & throughout; Work, switch tube. 9, varistor, its function is when the voltage is too high, pressure sensitive resistance value is small, quickly fuse by fusing with pressure sensitive resistance in series, so as to protect other circuit from the burn out. 10, secondary rectifier tube, the function is laid low voltage dc low voltage alternating current (ac). In IBM's power adapter, high-power rectifier is often made up of two parallel operation, in order to obtain larger output current. Small make up I summarize the above points about the structure of the power adapter, hope for you to understand the inner structure of the power adapter is corresponding to help!
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