What is the reason for the different prices of power adapters?

by:MOSO     2020-02-15
At present, the price of power adapters in circulation on the market is high or low, some are outrageous, and some are outrageous. What are the reasons for the different prices of this kind of power adapters? Next, the power adapter manufacturer will give you an analysis. First of all, the brand is one of the reasons for deciding whether the price of the power adapter is high or low. In fact, this reason is very simple, just like the brand mobile phones and fake mobile phones on the market, although the appearance is the same, but the components inside are definitely different, in addition to the power adapter itself, there must be a difference between the things produced by large manufacturers and small manufacturers. The facilities, certification, quality and so on of small manufacturers are basically not controlled by large manufacturers. Secondly, it is the use of internal components. Generally, regular power adapter manufacturers and electronic components inside power adapters will choose high-quality and branded electronic components, the power adapter produced in this way will definitely be better in use and longer in service life. This also forms one of the reasons why the price of the power adapter is high or low. Finally, the certification of power adapter products is also the reason for the price difference of power adapter. Generally, the power adapters in circulation on the market have to be certified by the national or international. For example, China has to do 3C and CQC certification, while foreign countries such as the United States have UL and FCC certification, these certifications are quite expensive. So when you need to buy a power adapter, it is best to choose a regular large manufacturer to buy, or go to the relevant brand store to buy, details can be consulted http://www . szsoy. cn
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