What is the power adapter ripple

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
First of all let's explain what ripple, ripple generated power adapter why? The power adapter manufacturer to do a simple introduction for all. Power adapter ripple in fact can be observed with the corresponding equipment, this equipment called oscilloscope, from the above we can see when the power adapter is working, the voltage will be a slight fluctuations, somewhat similar to the water ripples, so we call it a ripple. So the power adapter has a ripple is this good or bad? In fact, it is a good power adapter products are ripple, just some greatly small, generally speaking the voltage, the greater the produce the greater the ripple. Because the ripple is a dc voltage of the ac component, just because the filter is not clean, can produce the composition of communication, thus creates a ripple. Under normal circumstances, the 5 v products, power supply ripple generally control under 100 mv, 12 v products ripple general 120 mv. So how do we control the generation of power adapter ripple? The first point, we can increase the output capacitance of the inductance and filtering, a little bit more simple, because the inside of the inductance current volatility is, and is inversely proportional to the inductance value, and the power adapter is inversely proportional to the output ripple and capacitance value, so we can increase the inductance and capacitance, so as to reduce the power adapter ripple. The second point, we can on the diode and the capacitance C or RC, the aim is to suppress the high frequency oscillation, but its value should be determined after many trials, because if the selected value is not appropriate, may have the opposite effect, so choose this method must be cautious. Third, they filter, this method is the most effective, but the cost is the highest at the same time, and power consumption will be relatively large. Fourth, LC filter, LC filter to the power adapter ripple of inhibitory effect was good. Details can be consulting power adapter manufacturer in shenzhen, shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. http://www。 szsoy。 cn
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