What is the performance index of the power supply?

by:MOSO     2020-02-26
Power supply is a device that provides power to electronic equipment, also known as a power supply, which provides electric energy needed by all components in a computer. The size of the power of the power supply, whether the current and voltage are stable, will directly affect the working performance and service life of the computer. Superior power supplies generally have multi-national certification marks such as FCC, UL of the United States and the Great Wall of China. These certifications are the professional standards formulated by the Certification Body for power supply according to the technical specifications in the industry, including production process, electromagnetic interference, safety protection, etc. After the products that meet certain indexes are declared and certified, only in this way can the certification mark be used on the packaging and product surface, which has certain authority. Our main products: power supply, imported LED screen power supply, imported railway power supply 110V imported LED waterproof power drive
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