What is the nature of the Internet of things? What can bring us?

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
What is the nature of the Internet of things? What can bring us? Connected to the nature of the Internet of things is in the physical, on the basis of through the carrier of high-speed information channel 'Internet' superposition of cloud storage, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology and so on every object as a big system of intelligent terminal. Before the Internet of things to achieve in the 30 years ago under the premise of no Internet, sail early application of the physical. Refrigerators and heater connected to gall to free every day three degrees of hot water; Cooking rice cooker and PSP ~ scheduled any time; The radio and alarm clock ~ scheduled time for weather forecast, news broadcast. Five inch monitor + high frequency head is connected to a kitchen condole ark to cooking time to watch news. Car digital tape recorder, power switch, power socket, and so on and connected to a bedside table ~ multifunctional furniture; Washing machines and automatic washing machine is connected to any program MCU; And the latest computer and connected to air purifier ~ not to spend energy to get clean air and computer internal dust-free operation; Through the realization of the Internet of things we can expect, people's life form was completely change! People and objects are also shifting from the virtual space in real life! Mobile phone APP can control Asia a refrigerator start in Europe; Pay treasure, WeChat instantaneous pay money can be arbitrary objects; A calf every day from parentage to food, weight, vaccination, and so on intelligence collection and monitoring; A French chateau wine caches of planting, gathering, fermentation, process, transportation and so on intelligent monitoring. For example: ( Refrigerator is a tiny part in the Internet of things, or you to get all the data as the bag) Future refrigerator when you pass by it, is automatic induction detect whether you need it service, if necessary, will be combined with you in the near future and today's physical condition,; According to your individual be fond of, taste and appetite and food in the fridge. Out with several combinations, in front of you using 3 d virtual reality technology, virtual screen overlay a particular food by you choose according to you! ( Virtual reality ( Virtual Reality, VR) Is to use computer to generate realistic 3 d visual, hearing, touch, feel, make the person can pass the appropriate device to interactive virtual world experience. ) Source: OFWEEK iot
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