What is the FCC certification, FCC certification about power

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
The FCC certification introduced full name of the Federal Communications Commission FCC Federal Communications themselves, directly responsible to the congress, by controlling the radio, TV, telecom, satellite and cable to coordinate domestic and international communication, is responsible for authorization and management in addition to the Federal government to use rf transmission device and equipment. According to the federal communications regulations relevant part ( 47 CFR part) Entering the United States, according to all that the electronics products require emc certification ( The FCC certification) ; At present, the United States has for several years as China's second largest trading partner, there is an upward trend in sino-us trade, therefore, substantial exports to the us, the product technical standard, strict import regulations of the world first, understand the market access rules will help to further open the market in our country. The federal communications commission ( —— - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Manage import and use of radio frequency devices, including computers, fax machines, electronic devices, radio reception and transmission equipment, wireless remote control toys, telephones, personal computers and other may harm the personal safety of the product. If you want to export to the United States, these products must be authorized by the government laboratory according to the FCC technology standards for testing and approval. Importers and the customs agent to declare each radio frequency devices meet the FCC standards, namely the FCC licenses. FCC certification mode among them has: the VOC, three kinds of DOC and ids, 【 FccID query in the bottom of the article) 。 Which products to do the FCC certification 1, power supply, FCC certification, communication power supply, switching power supply, charger, monitor power supply, LED power supply, LCD power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply, etc. ; 2, lamps and lanterns of FCC certification: droplight, rail lamp, garden lamp, lantern, tube light, LED street light, LED twinkle light, desk lamp, LED lamp, LED bulb lamp, grille lamp, aquarium lamp, street lamp, LED lamp, LED lamps, energy-saving lamp, T8 tubes, etc. ; 3, home appliance FCC certification: fan, electric kettle, stereo, TV, mouse, vacuum cleaners, etc. ; 4, electronic FCC certification: earplugs, router, mobile phone batteries, laser pointer, vibration rods, etc. ; 5, communications products FCC certification: telephone, cable the wireless main machine, fax machines, machine, machine, data interface card and other communications products. 6, wireless products FCC certification: bluetooth BT products, tablet, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless, speaking, reading and writing device, wireless transceiver, wireless walkie-talkie, wireless microphone, remote control, wireless Internet device, wireless image transmission system and other low power wireless products, etc. ; 7, wireless communications products FCC certification: 2 g mobile phone, 3 g mobile phone, 3. Mobile phones, DECT (5 g 1. 8 g, 1。 9 g band) , radio, etc; 8, mechanical FCC certification: gasoline engine, electric welding machine, CNC drilling machine, tool grinding machine, mower, washing equipment, bulldozer, elevators, punching machine, dishwasher, water treatment equipment, gas welding machine, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, rotating drill, grass trimmer, snow blowers, excavator, printing machine, printer, cutting machine, road roller, flattening machine, cutting machine, straight iron, food machinery, lawn machine, etc. ; 9. IT information technology: digital cameras, bluetooth self-timer, walkman, etc.
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