What is the condition of using electronic transformer?

by:MOSO     2020-03-11
Using electronic transformer conditions include two aspects: one is the reliability, the other is the electromagnetic compatibility. In the past, only pay attention to the reliability, now due to the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the electromagnetic compatibility are indispensable. The use of reliability refers to the specific conditions, the electronic transformer works at the service life. The greatest influence in the general conditions of use of electronic transformer is the environment temperature. Determine the parameters of electronic transformer are influenced by temperature strength is the Curie point of soft magnetic materials. Soft magnetic materials, high Curie temperature, affected by the temperature of small; Soft magnetic material of low Curie point, is more sensitive to temperature changes, affected by temperature. Electromagnetic compatibility is refers to the electronic transformer does not produce electromagnetic interference of the outside world, and can withstand external electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic interference including can hear the audio and hear the high frequency noise. The main reason of electromagnetic interference with electronic transformer is the core of magnetostriction. Magnetostrictive coefficient of soft magnetic materials, the electromagnetic interference. The magnetostrictive coefficient of iron-based amorphous alloy is usually the biggest, measures must be taken to reduce noise suppression interference; High magnetic conductance Ni50 permalloy, manganese zinc ferrite this kind of soft magnetic material of susceptible to electromagnetic interference, should pay attention to in the application. Oriented silicon steel, 3% microcrystalline the 2 kinds of soft magnetic material of nanocrystalline alloy are relatively easy to produce electromagnetic interference of the material. 6. 5% silicon steel, high magnetic conductance Ni80 permalloy, cobalt-based amorphous alloy these three kinds of soft magnetic material belongs to material is not so easy to produce electromagnetic interference. The frequency of the electromagnetic interference caused by magnetostriction generally the same as the working frequency of electronic transformer. If you have below or above working frequency electromagnetic interference, that is produced by other reasons. Electrical focus electronic transformer, LED light, 10 years experience in special lighting development, professional electronic transformer customization services. To the company's website http:/// for more, hotline: guidance: welcome to the factory.
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