What is 3C certification? Certification standards for power adapters

by:MOSO     2020-02-18
The full name of 3C certification is'China compulsory product certification' , English name China Compulsory Certification, English abbreviation CCC. It is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with laws and regulations to protect consumers' personal safety and national safety, strengthen product quality management. Definition 3C certification is short for China's compulsory product certification. The main contents are summarized in the following aspects :(I) In accordance with the relevant WTO agreements and internationally accepted rules, the state implements a unified mandatory product certification system for products involving human health and safety, animal and plant life safety and health, as well as environmental protection and public safety. The national certification and accreditation Supervision and Administration Committee is responsible for the management, organization and implementation of the national compulsory product certification system. (II) The main features of the national compulsory product certification system are that the state publishes a unified catalogue, determines the unified applicable national standards, technical rules and implementation procedures, and formulates a unified logo, stipulate a uniform charging standard. All products listed in the compulsory product certification catalogue must be certified by the certification authority designated by the state, and after obtaining relevant certificates and adding certification marks, can be factory, import, sales and use in business service places. (III) According to China's WTO accession commitments and the principle of national treatment, the original two systems covered 138 kinds of products, the catalogue published this time has deleted 16 kinds of medical ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment equipment, which were originally listed in the mandatory certification management, and added 10 kinds of products such as safety glass for construction, there are 132 kinds of compulsory certification products actually listed in the catalogue. (Four) The state uses a unified mark for compulsory product certification. The name of the new national compulsory certification mark is'China Compulsory Certification', The English name is' China Compulsory Certification”, The English abbreviation can be referred to as'3C'Logo. After the implementation of China's compulsory certification mark, it will replace the original'The Great Wall'Logo and'CCIB”Logo. (V) The State shall uniformly determine the charging items and standards for compulsory product certification. The formulation of the new charging items and charging standards will comprehensively consider the current charging situation according to the principle of non-profit and national treatment, and refer to the similar certification charging items and charging standards abroad. (VI) The compulsory product certification system will be implemented on August 1, 2002, and the relevant certification bodies will officially begin to accept applications. The original product safety certification system and import safety and quality licensing system shall be abolished as of August 1, 2003. English 3C certification is actually an English name' China Compulsory Certification”(China's compulsory product certification system) The English abbreviation of is also a unified symbol used by the state for compulsory product certification. As a national security certification (CCEE), Import safety quality licensing system (CCIB), China Electromagnetic Compatibility certification (EMC)Three-in-one'CCC” Authoritative certification is an advanced symbol of China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Certification and Accreditation Administration in line with international standards, and has irreplaceable importance. At present, China has announced a total of one hundred and thirty-two products in 19 categories that must pass mandatory certification. Mainly including wires and cables, low-voltage electrical appliances, information technology equipment, safety glass, fire products, motor vehicle tires, latex products, etc. The function 3C logo is generally attached to the surface of the product, or pressed on the product through Molding. If you look carefully, you will find multiple Oval'CCC”Secret record. There is a random code behind each 3C logo, and each random code has its corresponding manufacturer and product. When issuing the mandatory product certification mark, the certification mark issuance management center has entered the product corresponding to the code into the computer database, and consumers can query the code through the National Quality Certification Center. It should be noted that 3C mark is not a quality mark, it is the most basic safety certification. 3C certification is mainly an attempt to pass' Unified catalogue, unified standards, technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures, unified certification marks, unified charging standards' Such as a package of solutions, to completely solve the problems of many policies, repeated reviews, repeated charges and no distinction between certification behavior and law enforcement behavior in China's product certification system for a long time, and the establishment of technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures consistent with international rules can promote trade facilitation and liberalization.
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