What are the use of mobile wireless charger is to pay attention to?

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
With the popularity of wireless charging technology on mobile phones, many friends support wireless charging of mobile phone in hand, nature is to want to buy a wireless charger experience. So when using wireless charger, what is need to be aware of? 1. Faced heavy cell phone sets, away from the magnetic materials under normal circumstances, the first most often in 5 mm - wireless power transmission distance 8 mm, so mobile phone shell thickness of primary attention is, particularly for those who are on the following 3 d decoration, will definitely affect the charging efficiency. Second, since wireless charging on the principle of magnetic induction charging for mobile phones, if placed between mobile phone and charger magnetic bracket, magnetic case or metal objects, may reduce the performance of the charger. If you have these protective shell of sensitive items, please remove them before charging, make sure they are not on the back and the charger. 2. Away from heat, water, phone in charge of the region, whether to use the traditional charger, or using wireless charge, there will be some heating phenomenon, this is normal, because will have certain electric energy loss in the process of charging, this part of the electrical energy into heat will phone and charger to keep warm. So suggest when using wireless charging to avoid high temperature environment, and choose a best heat dissipation function of wireless charger. 3. Wireless charging of choose and buy should pay attention to the product is a Qi certification currently support wireless charging electronic products use Qi is more standard, at present, including apple, samsung and nokia, over 90 mobile phones have passed the certification of the Qi standard. Certified by the league of WPC products, will be identified & other; 气” Printed LOGO, means that the charger has been tested, safe and accord with standard of Qi. For equipment can normal use, eliminate potential safety problems, please use wireless charging accessories with Qi certification. Shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD is a production and sales of Qi wireless charger, apple wireless charger, wireless charger customization and other services. 【 Wireless charger oems 】 : 0755 - 33953530!
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