What are the intelligent control system

by:MOSO     2020-03-09
What intelligent control system is 1, the family network system in the office, on a business trip outside, as long as there is a network of place, you can through the Internet to log in to your home, in the network world through a fixed smart home control interface to control your home appliances, provide a free dynamic DNS. Is mainly used for remote network control and electric work status information query, you are on a business trip in abroad, for example, using the nonlocal network computer, log in the IP address of the relevant, in far away you can control your own lighting, electrical appliances, before return home on a plane, will you home air conditioning or open the water heater; 2, home wiring system through a total management box will telephone lines, cable, broadband network attentive, audio line called the weak current, such as various line unified planning in an orderly state, in a unified management inside the bedroom of telephone, fax, computer, TV, VCD, security monitoring equipment, and other network information home appliances, make the function more powerful, use more convenient, easier maintenance, are more likely to expand new USES. Realize the telephone extension, LAN construction, cable sharing, etc. ; 3, household lighting control system to realize the intelligent management of whole home lighting, can be achieved through the method of remote control and so on the many kinds of intelligent control on the remote control switch of the lights, dimmer, fully open and fitted 'receive a visitor, cinemas and other one-click' lighting scene effect; And available timing control, telephone remote control, computer and Internet local control mode to realize functions such as remote control, so as to achieve the intelligent lighting energy saving, environmental protection, comfortable, convenient function; 4, smart home, The central) Control system which can control all of the smart home control system, reduce costs to maximize the function, make a lot of functions from the practical Angle as far as possible concise and effective control, to achieve lets the user need only inside the system integration of intelligent household products can lighting control, electric control, security alarm, background music, video sharing and weak current information six big functions; 5, family environment control system is the latest family environmental monitoring equipment, can detect including formaldehyde, PM2. 5, humidity, temperature, environment, such as data, can be combined with scene linkage. Can through the timing, and multifunctional carbon dioxide detector linkage, automatically adjust the indoor air quality for you to solve the ordinary residential refrigeration heating air circulation within the low air quality problem, replacement new system for 24 hours, replace the indoor air fully to outdoor, significantly improve the air quality; 6, no matter which room in the family, the function of remote control system with a remote control can control all the smart home lighting, curtains, air conditioning, audio appliances, etc. For example, watching TV, don't open to turn off the lights and pull the curtain to miss key plot; Through the exhaust fan of toilet, click on the remote control is ok. Can adjust brightness when remote control lights, remote control sound can be tuned, remote control or pulling curtain shutter, can adjust stroke, remote shutter shade can be adjustable Angle; 7, home theater, and multimedia system refers to the traditional home theater to join the smart home control function, on the basis of the family video indoor all av equipment and cinema environment is clever and fully integrated intelligent control, create a more comfortable, more convenient, more intelligent home cinema audio-visual and entertainment environment, in order to achieve the best viewing, listening to music, video game entertainment audio-visual effect; 8, home security systems, video surveillance function directly in any time, any place through local area network or broadband network, use the browser ( Such as IE) , remote video monitoring, voice calls. Also support remote PC, local SD card storage, motion detecting, mail transfer, FTP transmission for family use remote video and photo shooting more can achieve professional safety and pleasure.
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