What are the different conversion socket and power adapter?

by:MOSO     2020-03-18
Everyone knows now go out to travel and travel abroad will bring a variety of electronic products. Inside, including laptops, tablet, mobile phones, electronic products, such as GPS, razor so if travel or business trip, just need to use conversion socket or power adapter, so we should be familiar with electrical products, can in the life and work, won't make the socket and the power converter is broken. First tell you the power adapter is an interface converter, it can be a separate hardware interface equipment, allow the hardware or electronic interfaces with other hardware or electronic interface is linked together, can also be information interface. Such as: power adapter, tripod base connecting parts, USB and serial port connecting equipment, etc. Power converter is mainly used to convert one form of socket to socket don't outside a form or a variety of forms, and mobile phone charge, such as electric vehicles is also a class of power converter. Mainly to provide another way to use electric power substation. What is conversion socket? The power plug or a nation of different countries power plug into another country, or the allied power plug, will be a multinational or a state power plug to insert the plug in another country. That can plug in different countries in the world, different countries to each other, has solved the different countries of the world's electrical appliances can be used to other countries, this is conversion socket. What is the power adapter? Power adapter is a small portable electronic devices and electronic power supply power transformation equipment, generally composed of shell, power supply transformer and rectifier circuit, according to its output type can be divided into the ac and dc output; According to the connection mode can be divided into the plug wall and desktop type. Used in telephone composite aircraft, game consoles, the language repeater equipment, walkman, notebook computers, cellular phones, etc. Incidentally to talk about the matters needing attention about the conversion socket and power adapter: conversion socket is to prevent a dual power supply socket, and cause your electronic equipment can't normal connection more production connection accessories. It has nothing to do with the voltage transformer. Transformer need to use the electricity transformer. Because around the plug socket type is different at the same time, so we often need to carry all kinds of socket flying everywhere, which leads to the creation of global conversion socket. Power adapter is carries the function of variable voltage small connector, may vary depending on the jack, the most common namely laptop plug, also called the power adapter. Even with the power adapter, if go to travel abroad on business, also need to use the conversion socket, of course, it is recommended to use global conversion socket. Conversion socket, power adapter quality is bad is the cause of electrical fire is an important cause. The quality problem of the small plug sockets, converters, for the vast number of consumers' personal and property security pose a serious hazard. At the same time also hope that consumers in the choose and buy when plug sockets, converters, switch, should focus on the safety of products, also in our daily life need to pay attention to the use of these products.
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