What are the advantages of switching power supply?

by:MOSO     2020-02-25
Advantages of switching regulated power supply: 1. Low power consumption and high efficiency. In the switching power supply circuit, transistor V works alternately on conduction under the excitation of the excitation signal-Cutoff and cutoff- In the on-switch state, the conversion speed is very fast, and the frequency is generally about 50 kHz. In some technologically advanced countries, hundreds or nearly 1000kHz can be achieved. This makes the power consumption of switching transistor V very small, the efficiency of the power supply can be greatly improved, and its efficiency can reach 80%. 2, small size, light weight. From the principle block diagram of switching power supply, it can be clearly seen that no heavy power frequency transformer is used here. As the dissipation power on the adjustment tube V is greatly reduced, a larger heat sink is omitted. Due to these two reasons, the switching power supply is small in size and light in weight. 3. Wide voltage stabilizing range. The output voltage from the switching power supply is adjusted by the duty cycle of the excitation signal, and the change of the input signal voltage can be compensated by frequency modulation or width modulation. In this way, when the power frequency grid voltage changes greatly, it can still ensure a relatively stable output voltage. Therefore, the voltage stabilizing range of the switching power supply is very wide, and the voltage stabilizing effect is very good. In addition, there are two methods to change the duty cycle: pulse width modulation type and frequency modulation type. Switching power supply not only has the advantage of wide voltage stabilizing range, but also has many methods to realize voltage stabilizing. Designers can flexibly select various types of switching power supply according to the requirements of practical application. Dear Customer: Hello, our company is a high-quality development group with strong technical force, providing high-quality products, complete solutions and superior technical service companies for the majority of users. The main products are power supply module, switching power supply, power supply isolation module, etc. The enterprise adheres to the tenet of establishing a career with integrity, keeping its career with quality and forging ahead, continuously climbing new peaks with a firmer pace, and making contributions to the national automation industry, welcome new and old customers to rest assured to buy their favorite products. We will serve you wholeheartedly!
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