We recommend more intelligent control system software platform and IoT IoT control solutions

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
Currently we provide a more intelligent control system software platform: DALI Pro software platform; DALI Link software platform; Smart DALI software platform; Easy DALI software platform; DALI Tools software platform; 聪明的, IoTTM software platform. Software installed in the Windows or Android platform, used to implement the lighting equipment management, control and monitoring function, need to cooperate with our hardware controller is used, different software platform supporting, realize the function of also have differences. As shown in the table below: model WindowsAndroid communication interface maximum control equipment supporting Ethernet hardware application DALI Pro) CTT - 512 DLGW - E normally used in office buildings, hotels, factories, hospitals and other scattered around the lights need to converge in together, need to use the computer management of lighting and light on the remote control of the need for human situations. DALI Link√WIFI256CTT- DLL - W general application in the smart home, hotel lobby, conference rooms, exhibition room, need to use wireless phone/tablet control lighting situations. Ethernet/WIFI290000CTT - Smart DALI square root) CUGW - CTT - S, CUDL - 1,结论, CUTO - M generally used in office buildings, hotels, factories, hospitals and other local need to have both light and computer management artificially controlled lighting occasion. 简单的大理√RS485 / RS23216000CTT - DLM - 1 f, CTT - DLGW - R general application in the parking lot, shopping mall, plaza, street lamps, and other do not need artificial control lighting, public by computer automatic control. √USB / RS23264CTT -大理工具 DLM - 1 general application in DALI product research and development, commissioning, demonstration projects, the engineering commissioning maintenance. 聪明的, IoTTM Ethernet/WIFI65536VH - square root) CUGW - 年代,VH - CUDL - 1,VH - IOR16- 8日,VH - IOR16- 4,VH - IOV10 - 5,VH - CUDX - 2 generally used in office buildings, hotels, factories, hospitals, intelligent building weak current equipment hybrid control, integration control occasions. The department of intelligent control system products are widely used in hotels, office buildings, stadiums, convention and exhibition center, school, hospital, landscape lighting and other kinds of projects. Yuan hao intelligent management of each project scientifically, to provide you with professional lighting control scheme and the high quality end products intelligent control system.
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