We launched DALI DT8 full color RGBW decoding control scheme

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
We launched the CTT - DLMOD - RGBW full-color DT8 module is to meet the international standards of DALI IEC62386 - 102年,IEC62386 - 209, at the same time also introduced with control DT8 color RGBW DALI control software and DALI controller equipment. 产品特点:采用高性能CPU设计,功耗低,性能稳定可靠; 模块化设计,超小体积, 引脚少,与LED驱动电源集成更容易; DALI协议解码,符合IEC62386标准,兼容性好,可以任何符合DALI协议的设备同挂一条总线控制; 设备类型: 8 ( DT8, RGBWAF type) 支持四通道PWM信号输出; 每个通道可以自定义颜色, 可以定久为RGBWAF中的任何颜色; 适合于由PWM方式调光的全彩调光调色驱动器。 模块可定制。 电气参数:电源:DC3. 3 ~ 5. 2V @ 20mA( max) ( Voltage current must be stable and reliable, otherwise it may cause the CPU not to work properly) ; 引脚逻辑电平:高电平=VCC,低电平=GND调光信号: DALI < 2mA ( An address) PWM频率:1000Hz, 推挽输出,最大输出电流10mA, PWM有效输出为高电平. ; 调光范围: 0 %( Closed) , 1% ~ 100% ( Open) 可调颜色范围:出厂默认四个输出通道是RGBW颜色 ( By DALI DT8 software changes color) LED指示灯:模块正常工作时,LED心跳闪烁。 Pin number name function pin number name input 1 dadali bus, not to distinguish the polarity. 5 pwm - 1 the first PWM output all the way, R * 2 da6pwm - red by default 2 the first 2 PWM output, the default G * 3 red VCC power supply the positive input PWM - 7 3 the third road PWM output, the default red B * 4 negative input 8 PWM - GND power 4 4 road PWM output, the default W * * PWM output Suggestions and red LED drive connections, connection isolation or is recommended for the following way, don't connect directly; PWM channels at the same time the corresponding color can use DT8 software replacement, the factory default is PWM1 ~ 4 corresponds to the RGBW color. Fault analysis and maintenance: this product all the control operation completely controlled by the DALI host software send DALI protocol commands to complete. Support the host address automatically assigned. Common failure analysis: 1. Indicator does not blink: please check module for foreign material adhesion, especially a foreign body in the periphery of crystals can't stick. 2. DALI host couldn't control: confirm whether the address of the decoder and control of DALI host address is the same, or check whether DALI bus fault, or check whether the load is damaged. If unable to solve above problem, please contact our technical support staff or retired factory maintenance. Transportation and storage: the product transportation, should be carried out under the condition of the packaging, transport and unpacking process should not be influenced by the violent vibration and shock. Storage device should be kept in the original packaging, place a clean environment, the environment temperature does not exceed - 20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, relative humidity is no more than 90%, no corrosive gas in the air.
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