We introduce four road 16 a relay DALI controller, two groups curtain controller

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
Product features: l IEC62386 in DALI protocol standard; Can with any equipment in line with the DALI protocol to hang a bus control; L DALI communication interface with isolation protection function; L relay with 4 road, every road 16 largest a / 250 va, which contains two road output normally open normally closed, flexible application; L can control electrical device such as a perceptual; L make relay control occupy 4 DALI address, make the curtain motor control occupies two DALI address; L provide a manual button control mode, the scene and emergency use convenient; L apply to family, office, hotel, project, etc. Technical parameters: input voltage: l DC24V/al power: 1. < = 24 wl input signal: DALI not to distinguish the polarity ( Comply with the IEC62386 DALI protocol standard; Can with any equipment in line with the DALI protocol to hang a bus control) L output load: make relay for 16 a / 250 vac * 4 road curtain motor control for 10 a / 250 vac * 2 group l working temperature: - 20℃- 10-75 ℃ relative humidity: l Product size: size: 105 mm x 73 mm x 66 mm this equipment has two kinds of working mode, using to set an 8-bit dial function, ordinary relay control mode and curtain motor interlock control curtain motor control diagram of relay control wiring diagram installation and maintenance: this product of form a complete set card rail installation piece and the self-contained, direct the CARDS by matching the self-contained silk rail installation. Then the card to the standard guide. All parameter Settings and control operation of this product completely by DALI host send DALI protocol commands to complete, can receive any standard DALI commands, detailed control operation please see related DALI host document. Common failure analysis: 1. Products in use process, calorific value is big, please confirm whether the input voltage and the load voltage matching, or test load output if there is more than the product of the maximum load output requirements, or a short circuit fault. 2. DALI host couldn't control: please check again after the wiring diagram of this product is properly installed wiring, or confirm the product's address is the same as the control of DALI host address, or check whether DALI bus fault, or check whether the load is damaged. Transportation and storage: the product transportation, should be carried out under the condition of the packaging, transport and unpacking process should not be influenced by the violent vibration and shock. Storage device should be kept in the original packaging, place a clean environment, the environment temperature does not exceed - 20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 90%, no corrosive gas in the air.
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