We introduce DALI multi-function control panel, and support the switch that move light toning scene control

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
DALI protocol is widely used in indoor lighting of the lamps and lanterns that move light, the lamps and lanterns control end customers often only need a simple operation on/off switch and the dimming function, at any time to improve people's living standard, the traditional switch panel cannot satisfy people's pursuit. DALI programmable touch screen as a new generation of intelligent switch touch type, have the freedom to edit button shapes and text, can be defined to control the function of each key, each key can be defined as the switch that move light/color/scene control and meet the international standards of DALI protocol, fashion, generous, strong sense of science and technology, adapting to the demand of life. Product features: ABS plastic shell, standard 86 box installation; The 16-bit true color 320 * 240 TFT LCD screen. Has a backlight instructions, the darkness may indicate the position of switch, remove the trouble of dark turn on the light; Can edit any shape buttons and text, maximum 12 buttons. Low voltage operation, safe and reliable. Comply with the IEC62386 DALI protocol standard; Can control any DALI standard lamps and lanterns; Each button can be custom function on/off/dimming color; Through DALI Master Settings of each key function or manually; Freely set to cover an area of the bus address or do not take up, take up the address can be manually or automatically assigned by the host address. Applicable to family, office, hotel, project, etc. Technical parameters: voltage: DC24V @ 200 ma; Communication interface: DALI touch type: resistive touch monitors, TFT LCD: weight. Working temperature: 100 g - 10-20 ~ 70 ℃ relative humidity: 90% product installation: 1) 。 Before installation, please disconnect all the devices on the DALI bus power supply; 2) 。 According to the wiring diagram, connect the line, the DALI bus is no difference between the cathode; 3) 。 With a small tool, to separate the product shell and bottom of the glass panel box; 4) 。 Install the bottom box with matching the self-contained silk box up to the standard of 86 * 86 mm. 5) 。 Function according to customer's need, dial the code switch equipment; 6) 。 Cover the glass panel, installation is complete. Note: this product contains a vulnerability, such as glass, structure, the installation process, please handle with care. Transportation and storage: the product transportation, should be carried out under the condition of the packaging, transport and unpacking process should not be influenced by the violent vibration and shock. Storage device should be kept in the original packaging, place a clean environment, the environment temperature does not exceed - 20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, relative humidity is no more than 90%, no corrosive gas in the air.
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