Waterproof power supply waterproof? Waterproof level?

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
Waterproof power protection class IP (for short The international protection) 。 It is by the IEC, The international electrotechnical commission) Drafting of proper nouns, used for classification of dustproof, foreign invasion, the characteristics of waterproof and moistureproof. 。 We usually see IP * * on the lamps and lanterns and power is what we call protection level, such as IP45, IP65, IP68. Everyone has seen it, but the IP45, IP65, IP68, what they mean? What kind of protection level it belongs to? The following logo circle of small make up to tell you: IP protection level is composed of two number 1. The first number indicates the degree of dust and to prevent foreign matter from entering the product; 2. The second number said product to moisture and water invasion degree. The greater the number, the higher the level of protection. The meaning of the first number: 0 means no protection, no special protection of the people or things outside. 1, said invasion more than 50 mm solid objects, and to prevent the body ( Like the palm of your hand) Accidental contact with the internal parts. Prevent the larger, Diameter greater than 50 mm) Intrusion of foreign bodies. 2 means to prevent solid objects into greater than 12 mm, and prevent human finger contact with internal components. To prevent foreign body into the medium size ( More than 12 mm in diameter, length of more than 80 mm) 。 3, said to prevent greater than 2. Solid objects into 5 mm, and prevent and tools line or similar diameter or thickness greater than 2. The internal parts of the 5 mm small foreign body contact. 4, it is to point to prevent greater than 1. 0 mm solid invasion and prevent the diameter or thickness greater than 1. 0 mm tools, wire, or similar small foreign body into the internal parts. 5, said dustproof, prevent foreign bodies from entering the completely, although not completely prevent dust intrusion, but the amount of dust will not affect the normal operation. 6, dustproof performance completely prevent foreign bodies from entering the, completely prevent dust into the meaning of the second number: 0 means no protection, no special protection of the people or things outside. 1, said to prevent water intrusion, vertical drop of water droplets ( Such as condensed water) No harmful effects. 2 means that when the slope is 15 & deg; When, can prevent falls. When the product vertical tilt to 15 & deg; When the water will not cause harmful effects to the light. 3 means to prevent water spray, rain or prevent water spray to the perpendicular to the less than 60 & deg; The direction of the Angle into the product and cause damage. 4, said prevent splash water invasion, prevent splashed in all directions, and cause damage. 5, the implementation of the means to prevent injection water intrusion, and prevent from all directions from a nozzle jet of water from entering the product and cause damage. 6 means to prevent the surge, deck installed into products, in order to prevent the flood damage caused by the waves. 7 means that prevent water intrusion when submerged, the product into the water for a period of time or below a certain pressure, to ensure that will not damaged by water. 8 means in sinking, prevent water intrusion, and in the case of infinite sink and specify in advance the water pressure, the product will not damaged by water. In general, waterproof power supply, generally require IP65, of course it depends on the applicable occasions, like the LED street lamp IP65 waterproof level can cope with it, like indoor toilet bathroom LED lighting, this case IP53 LED power supply can meet the demand, if it is a Marine navigation lights, only the IP68 level is enough.
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