Vicor launches high density Active EMI filter

by:MOSO     2020-02-29
VICOR introduces high density active electromagnetic interference (EMI) Filter * recently, Vicor announced that it is DC- DC converter Picor QuietPower QPI-21 high density active electromagnetic interference (EMI)Filter. QuietPower QPI- 21 packaged in a high density, 1 square inch grid array ( Land Grid Array, LGA) Surface mount package, thus reducing the PCB board area occupied by EMI filter circuit and ensuring extremely high utilization rate of circuit board. The height of the filter is only 0. 2 inch, providing * limited airflow for those designs with limited space, making it an ideal choice for advanced blade architecture applications. In addition to these advantages in terms of integration density, its characteristics have also been improved, making it better than the previous generation of QuietPower QPI series filters, higher frequency attenuation can be achieved on various system configurations. The filter is designed to be 48 v (36 v-76 v) Bus system, surge capability is 100 VDC/100 ms, wide operating temperature range- From 40 °C to 125 °C, its characteristic rating can also be guaranteed not to be lost at ambient temperatures as high as 65 °C. PICMG3. 0 QPI-21 system boards that support filter specifications (EN55022 Class B restrictions), Also compatible with all DC-Grounding scheme for DC converter. QuietPowr QPI- 21 is * a new member of Picor QuietPower series high density EMI input and output filters, in addition to data communication and telecommunications, it can also meet the needs of aerospace and industrial applications in different multiple/bus voltage rails. Like all QuietPower filters, QuietPower QPI- 21 is a universal product that can provide DC with any manufacturer-DC converters work together. 'Because of the integration of shape factor, the advantages of attenuation characteristics and high efficiency, QuietPower QPI- 21 breakthrough limit characteristics, traditional passive filter '. Firekchester, Picor's top product marketing manager, said. 'Advantages of integration, attenuation characteristics and high efficiency of shape factor, QuietPower QPI- 21 breakthrough limit characteristics, traditional passive filter. These advantages make QuietPower QPI- 21 Zhuo has no group, becoming a requirement, high density, limited board space and/or air data communication and telecommunication systems are ideal choices. Picor semiconductor power solution Picor provides high performance, power conversion and power management solutions based on silicon. Picor silicon-based products are not only complementary to VICOR power supply technology, but also Vicor's inheritance in characteristics and * * traditional products. Dear Customer: Hello, our company is a high-quality development group with strong technical force, providing high-quality products, complete solutions and superior technical service companies for the majority of users. The main products are ASTEC power VICOR imported LED screen power supply, etc. The enterprise adheres to the tenet of establishing a career with integrity, keeping its career with quality and forging ahead, continuously climbing new peaks with a firmer pace, and making contributions to the national automation industry, welcome new and old customers to rest assured to buy their favorite products. We will serve you wholeheartedly!
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