Use highly integrated InnoSwitch3- Pro switching power supply IC design 5 A output compact USB PD

by:MOSO     2019-12-19

Power Integrations™Launch the latest reference design (DER-804), Usb pd 3. The 0 PPS standard 45 W fast charger provides the perfect solution, which can be used in digitally controlled power supplies (PPS)5 A high current direct charging in mode (Output voltage 3. 3 V-5. 9 V) , 3 A/15 V output is also available.

This compact design uses PI dynamically configurable InnoSwitch™3- Pro offline switching power supply IC, which can pass through a simple two-wire I² C interface for accurate dynamic step control of output voltage and current ( The voltage step size is 10 mV and the current step size is 50 mA).

highly integrated devices can greatly reduce the number of BOM components, simplify design complexity, while maintaining 91% high efficiency performance and keeping no-load power consumption below 34 mW. The device can speed up the charging speed of smart phones, tablets and notebook computers without causing dangerous overheating in terminal electrical equipment.

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