Use a power supply design to adapt to all fast charging protocols! This chip of PI has done it

by:MOSO     2019-12-16

Today's AC/DC power conversion market is changing rapidly, which is obvious to all, especially various fast charging protocols emerge one after another, which is overwhelming. This is not good news for power supply manufacturers, because they have to provide different power supply products according to the needs of different products of different customers, this is a challenge to the workload of power engineers and the supply chain management of manufacturers.

This inevitably makes people daydream: if there is a universal plan, use a design to adapt to the changing market needs, to keep changing, that would be perfect. You don't think this is a powerful and unconstrained brain hole, Power Integrations (Hereinafter referred to as PI company) The latest InnoSwitch3- Pro offline flyback switching power supply IC was born to fill such a brain hole!

As the name implies, InnoSwitch3- Pro is an upgraded version of InnoSwitch3 power supply IC just launched last year, so it naturally inherits many outstanding features of InnoSwitch3 before, such as: it can provide up to 65W output power; The efficiency can reach 94% under various input voltages and load conditions; Excellent dynamic characteristics; Integrated with perfect protection features, etc.

However, the biggest difference why this power IC can add a Pro to its name is that an I2C interface is integrated into the chip, through this interface, the microprocessor can be directly connected to the power supply IC, and the output voltage and current can be accurately controlled by dynamic step through the control signal-- The voltage step size is 10mV and the current step size is 50mA--Realize digital programmable power conversion. Power engineers can support usb pd 3 with this power design and a suitable microcontroller. 0 PPS, QC4, SCP, FCP, VOOC and almost any dynamic fast charging protocol.

Figure 4 InnoSwitch3- Pro reference design list

InnoSwitch3- Pro has developed a brand-new way of playing in the field of power supply design. It can finally turn out what kind of wonderful things among power supply Engineers, which makes people full of expectation.

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