Two intelligent control system technology and the digital addressable lighting interface standard

by:MOSO     2020-03-08
2 lights and intelligent control system classification and control mode of control ( 1) Lighting and lighting control is mainly divided into indoor and outdoor lighting, Including stage lighting) Control and indoor and outdoor lighting control. ( 2) Lighting and lighting control mode lighting and lighting control mode are mainly traditional lighting and lighting control mode, automatic lighting and lighting control, intelligent lighting control and intelligent control system. Is reasonable and correctly choose control lighting and lighting practicality, comfort and artistry of the effective means, is the effective measures to save energy. 1) Traditional lighting and intelligent control system control method using the manual switch power supply circuit to manual control lighting and lighting on and off; Using the manual adjuster artificial adjusting power lines and lighting and lighting lamps and lanterns that move light control. Traditional lighting and lighting control method is relatively simple and intuitive. But as a result of the whole system of lamps and lanterns and manual switch, manual adjuster scattered but unable to realize the convenient and efficient management. 2) Automatic lighting and lighting control method using direct digital control ( DDC) Technology centralized control switch and regulation of lamps and lanterns. General signal is controlled by manual operation to make center, through the direct digital controller control the execute device in the power supply circuit of points, realize the lamps and lanterns on-off control and regulation. Auto lighting and lighting control mode to solve the traditional control mode of relatively dispersed and cannot easily and effective management. But as a result of 'point to point' connection mode, the system needs to have with the number of lamps and lanterns control circuit, and a large number of wiring costs make the system difficult to consider quality of dimming control function. 3) Intelligent lighting and intelligent control system based on fieldbus intelligent lighting control technology according to the function or purpose of different regions, different time, environment brightness on the lighting and lighting equipment of centralized and unified management and monitoring functions, and combined with modern lighting technology, lighting art, the scientific management of lighting equipment. Intelligent lighting control system can be a building automation system of a subsystem, also can not rely on building equipment automatic management system and run independently. It not only can realize the switch control and the dimming control, can also many preset lighting scenes, and according to the function of the time, place, indoor and outdoor illumination automatically adjust the scene, make not only meet the practical requirements in terms of lighting parameters, but also can make the person in a comfortable and full of artistic breath of lighting environment study, work and life.
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