Two good LED adjustable light factory: focus on the LED light to customize

by:MOSO     2020-03-12
10 years focused on LED adjustable light custom and other lighting products. Through independent research and development, design, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, focus on providing customers with all kinds of high quality LED light, high quality and its facilities, such as commercial HID lamp electronic ballasts efficient related products. The miniature metal halide lamp electronic ballast, also known as the miniature HID electric ballasts. Model: SH - 20 W, product size L x W x H ( 毫米) = 107 x46x30, rated power = 20 w, rated current = 0. 10A。 Miniature models: metal halide lamp electronic ballasts SH - 35 W, product size L x W x H ( 毫米) = 107 x46x30, rated power = 35 w, rated current = 0. 18A。 Miniature HID electronic ballasts constant power output, built in a compact design. Miniature than traditional metal halide lamp electronic ballast inductance ballasts light weight energy saving more than 20%, high color rendering, light color and pleasing to the eye and comfortable. Miniature HID metal halide lamp electronic ballasts without light or invalid light automatically shut down, low frequency square wave output to ensure no stroboscopic light source, silent resonance. More details to login: http:/// to understand. Foshan electric LED light factory for the general customers the high quality, efficient LED light, HID electronic ballasts and other products. Welcome customers to call: for consultation!
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