Three intelligent control system technology and the digital addressable lighting interface standard

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
3 indoor and outdoor lighting, Including stage lighting) Control system control system (intelligent control system and indoor and outdoor 1) Indoor and outdoor lighting, Including stage lighting) Intelligent control system for indoor and outdoor lighting control system ( Including stage lighting) Control characteristics are mainly applied to indoor dance hall, indoor and outdoor celebration, sports games opening and closing ceremonies, and other large activities. In 2008, for example, the Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai world expo, the 2010 guangzhou Asian games has a large number of applications. Including the Asian games opening and closing ceremonies were using a searchlight, and more than 2000, more than 2000 major such as amount of lamps and lanterns and a large number of large LED display. Involves the about 7 km area on both sides of the pearl river, built the world's biggest lighting city performance art. The stage lighting control system is characterized by a higher number of lighting lamps and lanterns control, each function of lamps and lanterns more, change fast. Main control functions including switch, dimmer, toning ( Mechanical motor drive or RGB electronic color) , laser scanning, swing, etc; Change patterns are interlaced monkey jump, way, way of flowing water, coming on dimming, simple symbols show group mode; Through the network connection PC software to translate words, FLASH animation, video, images, and other media information. Therefore, the controllable node, function change, control speed is a basic requirement of it. Contrary to many occasions control accuracy requirements is not high, such as the searchlight, toning color deviation problem such as swing Angle. On the other hand, because the entire light activity time only a few hours, in order to achieve powerful visual impact and artistic effect and need light often changes quickly. So, lighting control stage class usually isn't too concerned about energy conservation. ( 2) Intelligent control system for indoor and outdoor lighting control system the characteristics of indoor and outdoor lighting control system is the requirement that the lighting environment is comfortable, convenient for people's study, work and life. As a result, its characteristics of lighting control is to control the lighting lamps and lanterns is small, each function of lamps and lanterns is not much, quite a long time doesn't change. Thus, the system controllable node demand is not much, Control of lamps and lanterns of the intelligent building lighting control is usually through multiple subnet interconnection and solve) , the speed is not high demand of the basic features of it. At the same time, the intelligent control system has high practicability, comfort requirements, the lighting control accuracy, Such as high stability requirements) that move light , requirements for lighting energy saving is also high.
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