The world's first NB - IoT( Narrowband Internet of things) Intelligent street lamp large-scale commercial project put into operation

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
Recently, the China telecom, huawei technologies co. , LTD. , taihua wisdom of the world's first NB - joint construction IoT( Narrowband Internet of things) Wisdom yingtan city street lamp large-scale commercial projects fall to the ground, xinjiang district and formally put into operation. Xinjiang district intelligent street lamp project covering all road 2888 bar street lamp, a phase of the project including heping road, good road, yu letter your road area of 576 LED street lamp, implementation of each lamp switch, dimmer energy-saving control, etc. Through the efforts of the project parties, three months to complete the site survey, project design, equipment installation, commissioning and system commissioning of all process, now formally entered the stage of operations management. The urban lighting wisdom is the beginning of wisdom energy to NB - IoT to support a new generation of communication technology, the realization of the whole city lay a net, perception of city road each lamp to achieve comprehensive, intelligent control, a wide range of interaction and the depth of fusion, on the premise of meet the demand of residents normal lighting, through intelligent dimmer, reducing power, on-demand open to turn off the lights and other management methods, reducing excessive lighting, power saving rate can reach 30% ~ 60%, achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduce the pollution of the atmosphere, building a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society. At the same time through the city lighting, implement of fine management based on urban roads each the running state of lamps and lanterns for accurate analysis and fault alarm, and according to the fault level start corresponding disposal process, change the passive inspection to designated maintenance, more agile response disposal efficiency is higher, will make the management level of city lights and modern metropolis, increase the rate of light, reduce all kinds of fault, reasonable lighting, landscaping lighting, security lighting, build a modern city of perfect combination of science and art lighting effect, set up and improve the brand image of the city. Xinjiang district as yingtan city government city living room, adhering to the 'wisdom city five new' yingtan city government 'xinjiang district wisdom' concept construction, relying on China telecom NB - IOT network technology, building the first have the largest commercial NB - IOT wisdom lights project, and also has the intelligent water meter, parking, intelligent manhole covers and other NB - IOT application demonstration comprehensive pilot area, through the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data new technology to realize intelligent control energy smart urban planning and urban management, public service intellisense. At the beginning of 2017, China telecom will yingtan set up for the group level and experimental city of 'Internet of things' wisdom city, and from construction standards, the resources offer a great support and technical guidance, etc. Yingtan in February telecom is built the first NB - China telecom IOT global covered cities, as of March 31 to complete base station number 353. Yingtan yingtan city telecom will actively implement the provincial company and the government, the zte signed strategic cooperation agreement 'Internet of things' wisdom new construction, the joint industry alliance on Internet enterprise comprehensive cooperation, with 'five new' concept as the leading, constantly explore innovative, to yingtan wisdom new town construction. Source: the Internet of things in the world
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