The working principle of intelligent lighting control system

by:MOSO     2020-03-08
( Reading] The emergence of intelligent lighting to create a good lighting environment for people, is an important means of energy conservation and emissions reduction, and building the application of intelligent lighting system is the trend of The Times. Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computer and network technology, wireless data transmission, intelligent power carrier communication technology, computer information processing technology, sensor technology and energy-saving electric control technology of distributed wireless or wired control system, on the premise of the preset program, according to the different time of a day, outdoor brightness or application to automatic control of the region. Composition of the intelligent lighting system according to the topology of the network we can put the intelligent lighting system is divided into the bus type and comprehensive type structure is given priority to with star structure. Bus intelligent lighting system flexibility, bus application in civil building lighting system is relatively easy to expand, easy control, simple, low cost. Star intelligent lighting system of high reliability, able to timely diagnose the fault of circuit and eliminate these problems in time, in this system to access protocol is simple, transfer rate is very high. Main control method of intelligent lighting control system are: 1, the centralized control through the central monitoring customized monitoring software on a computer, to the end user to provide a concise and clear, simple and convenient operating interface, achieve to parameter setting, modification of various lighting control box and scene illumination condition monitoring purposes. 2, adjust the lamp brightness control automatic control according to the variation of indoor illumination lamps and lanterns of open, closed or brighten and dim, keep the working environment and stable normal lighting condition, and achieve the purpose of saving energy. This process is generally through the dimming device, computer/microprocessor dimming control device. In addition, when used in initial investment of lamps and lanterns, which provide foundation of illuminance value than the lighting design of the high intensity of illumination standard 20% ~ 35%, and through the dimming control, can be set lower initial brightness value. 3, the construction control of a user can preset a variety of scenarios, through the buttons can choose to need. Such as sitting scenes, projection scenario, conference room scene, scene, etc. , the meeting can make light control and conference system linkage, such as projector, screen, electric curtain in order to build a different atmosphere and effect. 4, predictable schedule control is the basic operation of lamps and lanterns, according to a fixed schedule to cooperate to work, go off work, lunch, cleaning and other activities, with the working days, weekends, holidays and other rules and change. Predictable schedule control usually USES the clock manager, and make the necessary Settings to ensure that the special circumstances ( Such as overtime work) When lights can, lest activities of people suddenly into complete darkness. 5, unpredictable schedule control in some places, such as room, stair, staff activity is often irregular. At this moment can take advantage of the human body infrared sensors, sensor activity, realize when people enter the lights or switch to a preset scenes. In the office of big width room, according to the set of office location, sensors installed in the upper part of the station the human body, which can be done when someone is in the location, open the corresponding office area at the top of the lighting; Workspace without the person, lighting is dark or set in a certain time period lamps and lanterns out automatically. The advantage of intelligent lighting control system of intelligent lighting system is an important measure to improve the building comfort, has the following advantages: 1, promote the intelligent lighting control system is energy saving and emission reduction through all kinds of control devices and components in different times and different area of the construction of the light of the setting of lamps and lanterns, the process saved a large amount of energy, has the very big significance. 2, promote the source of life extension of the light source is the extension of life can be greatly save manpower capital and funds. Mainly because the source of life extension and shortened the cycle of lamps and lanterns, greatly reduce the workload of staff, also reduce the cost of system maintenance. In the lighting system, light source are mainly thermal radiation light source and the gas discharge light source. The life of the light source and power supply voltage fluctuation has a lot to do, the reasonable control of power grid voltage fluctuation is one of the important measures to extend the light life. 3, management, maintenance more convenient management and maintenance of intelligent lighting control system is convenient and simple. It mainly module automation, aided by manual control. The relevant adjustments to combine actual lighting lighting preset parameters. All information in the system Settings and change very convenient and simple, building lighting management and maintenance is simple. Conclusion intelligent lighting control system can meet the needs of the modern building lighting, improve the quality of lighting environment at the same time, also save the resources effectively, reduces the maintenance cost and operation cost of lighting system. It created a good lighting environment for people, is an important means of energy conservation and emissions reduction, and building the application of intelligent lighting system is the trend of The Times. ( This paper is derived from the network)
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