The volume of the power adapter is how decrescent? The adapter manufacturer to tell you the answer!

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
Now there are some very interesting phenomenon, originally very small mobile devices such as more and more pursuit of big, small and mobile phone accessories power adapter is the pursuit of beautiful, before the power adapter is one tuo, but for now many can carry inside pocket. This, of course, is more and more convenient, but do you know how our power adapter is getting smaller? Today the power adapter manufacturer to break down for you. 1. Monolithic integrated the use of switching power supply chip, improved the adapter device installation density, while the smaller electronic components. Make theoretical shrink the volume of the power adapter. 2. On resistance of the high pressure high-power longitudinal M0S pipe decreased significantly and the use of synchronous rectifier technology, improve the efficiency of the switching power adapter, reduced the calorific value of the power adapter, effectively eliminate the adapter before the reserved space for the cooling demand. 3. Further improve the switch frequency, effectively reduce the volume of the magnetic core transformer and the capacity of the filter capacitor. At the same time the use of the triple insulated wire makes the adapter core transformer volume decrease of 15%. So now, most of the power adapter, appearance is becoming more and more small, but its power is still very full, at the same time its use efficiency is becoming more and more high, more and more security! Want to know more information on the power adapter manufacturer: shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. !
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