The view of science and technology and leishi lighting experience store strategic cooperation to develop new retail trillions of market

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
On August 25, 2017, high and new technology enterprise of shenzhen education view of science and technology co. , LTD. And China lighting industry leader leishi lighting's experience store shenzhen longgang lighting business formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Leishi lighting products will be in the yukon scene O2O lighting brand of science and technology service platform - — LED lighting industry platform blockbuster online, starting the LED lighting industry in China's new retail model. Leishi lighting lighting lighting industry in China is the first brand, founded in 1998, is committed to building, transportation, designs city-lighting, business, hotel, office, household, industrial, and other fields to provide high efficiency and energy saving, healthy and comfortable lighting solution. Currently, leishi lighting has four manufacturing bases in China, two international standardization research and development center and the national laboratory, 38 operation center, more than 3800 brand stores; Abroad, built in accordance with European standard product development center, and in more than 40 countries and regions set up a business organization. On May 20, 2010, leishi lighting on the Hong Kong stock exchange main board listing. In 2017, NVC leishi lighting brand value of 206. 8. 5 billion yuan, the lighting industry for 6 years; At the same time won the '2016 China top 100 LED lighting lighting industry' first. With the advent of the era of Internet + and the upgrading of consumption, new retail model has become China's electricity the development trend of innovation and change. When Internet + met with traditional lighting industry, consumers never go out can through the online platform to buy cost-effective quality products. Leishi lighting with market development pace, quickly in the domestic O2O experience store layout, deep tillage offline channels to market. Shenzhen longgang district article lamp is acted the role of business is one of them. The store is located in longgang district center city good m building materials mall three layers, advantageous geographical location, development prospect. Longgang district center city is the future time in shenzhen city, longgang 2010 universiade center which at the home of the 26th summer universiade. In the next few years, with the city's most is bound to usher in the land reserve longgang center city real estate development boom. Yukon scene was born in China the Internet frontier shenzhen science and technology, is the first domestic combining online and offline integrated service providers of Internet lighting, its products 'China lighting' is domestic first paragraph between manufacturers and consumers of lamp act the role ofing service APP, is the National Development and Reform Commission, the regulatory unit of mobile Internet applications enterprise alliance for the record. Education science and technology take the lead in the industry scene launched F2C + O2O mode, product direct from the factory to the consumer's hands, without any intermediate links, consumers can enjoy the most cost-effective quality products. The rapid rise of education view of science and technology, by all the attention. On May 4, 2017, yukon scene technology channel of CCTV securities information ', found brand, 'as' lighting lamps and lanterns industry preferred brand, 'is this poll, the only one in the lighting industry to stand out in the enterprise; In July 2017, the education view of science and technology, chairman of Xu Jingchun with 'China lighting' project to participate in the ninth China longgang district of shenzhen innovation entrepreneurship competition 'enlightenment cup' innovation entrepreneurship competition into the top 100. In May 2017, the education science and technology take the lead in the industry scene launched industry first small program 'platform' LED lighting industry, aimed at manufacturers, merchants and consumers get better using experience. Education technology to seize WeChat applet scene of the traffic entrance, and a head in the lighting industry, to WeChat friends click on the small program whether search 'lighting' or 'LED' keyword, nurtures the view of science and technology 'LED lighting industry platform' small programs are ranked first. In fact, leishi lighting in the aspect of market channels is mostly about offline sales channels. The view of science and technology and leishi lighting experience of strategic cooperation, complementary advantages, mutual development, is China's lighting industry to realize the online order, offline experience new retail model of a landmark event. Leishi lighting experience offline store product lighting businesses will rely on education science and technology 'China lighting' APP scene and the LED lighting industry platform 'small program online advantage, provide consumers with more convenient and more efficient and high quality new retail service experience.
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