The relevant introduction and working principle of electronic ballasts

by:MOSO     2020-03-09
Electronic ballast is introduced and the working principle of electronic ballasts, 电子镇流器) , is one of the ballast, it is to point to use electronic technology to drive electric light source, to produce the required lighting electrical equipment. With the matching is inductive ballast, Or ballast) 。 Modern increasingly use electronic ballast fluorescent lamp, portable small, even can integrate electronic ballast and tube together, at the same time, the electronic ballast can usually combine functions, the starter and starter can save separate again. Electronic ballasts can also have more functions, such as by improving the current frequency or current waveform ( Such as into a square wave) To improve or eliminate fluorescent lamp flickering phenomenon; Can also through the process of the power inverter makes fluorescent lamp can use dc power supply. Traditional inductive rectifier drawbacks make it is replaced by growing mature electronic ballast. The working principle of electronic ballasts because of gas discharge lamp ( Such as fluorescent lights, neon lights, metal halide lamp, etc. ) Is a V - I characteristics of negative resistance electric light source, namely negative, when the lamp current rise, lamp voltage drop, but the voltage does not drop, the more of this voltage is added to the tube can make the lamp current rise further, after such a cycle, eventually burn out or extinguish arranged, so to make the lamp to work properly, ballast components to limit and stable electric current. The current limiting device is called ballast. There are two commonly used gas discharge lamp ballasts: inductive ballast and high frequency ac electronic ballast. Due to work in the mains frequency power frequency inductive ballast, big volume, heavy, still need to consume large amounts of copper and silicon steel and other metal materials, heat dissipation difficulties, low working efficiency, stroboscopic light, so some electric light source industry science and technology workers are looking for new methods of ballast, electronic ballast and high frequency communication is an effective method.
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