The power adapter power adapter aging test how to do?

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
Power adapter used in all kinds of electronic products, power adapter needs to be some professional design before production, the adapter after the completion of the design, production various aspects function is completely can be put into use, but there is a big risk of quality power adapter, power adapter at the same time all aspects of the performance data is not accurate values. When to use the power adapter into the market there are a lot of failure occurs, it greatly increases the maintenance costs for manufacturers, but also reduce the credibility of the manufacturers, the now in a competitive market, the quality of the products and manufacturers of word of mouth is the important factor in the development of a company's ability. Power adapter aging test equipment in general is primarily to test the switch power supply, power adapter, operation time, see how much is the full time, in general it's work time is 24 hours, 48 hours or accurate data must pass test after test equipment, and aging test equipment can test the other function parameters, power adapter in advance through the aging test project can understand the product where there will be a failure to improve at the same time, this to a certain extent, the guarantee of the quality of the products. Power adapter is a small portable electronic devices and electronic power supply power transformation equipment, according to its output type can be divided into the ac and dc output, used in telephone composite aircraft, game consoles, walkman, laptops and other devices. Existing technology, the aging test of the power adapter is usually to the ac and dc output of the power adapter, respectively, for a single product electric connection test, so test efficiency is low; Aging test, on the other hand, including light aging, wet and heat aging, such as multiple projects, different aging test project transformation, power adapter ac connect ロ or dc interface need to repeatedly pull plug and electrical connection with different test equipment, thus lead to products ロ wear large signal, which affect the product performance and service life. The utility model of a power adapter aging test fixture, including the base, the base set with products placed groove, base with dc ac PCB is installed inside, dc ac PCB Settings are used to connect respectively aging test equipment test port, used to connect the power adapter dc connected the dc test ports used to connect the ac adapter to the communication connection and communication test port. Work, place the power adapter installed on product slot, and then connect the power adapter dc side and dc ac dc test of PCB and electrical connection, connect the power adapter of ac side and dc electric connection communication PCB communication test end, again will dc ac PCB test port and aging test equipment electrical connection is aging test circuit formation, aging test can be performed; When the need for multiple different aging test of the project, only need to connect the test port, in turn, the corresponding aging test equipment can be realized. Aging test fixture structure of the utility model is simple and easy to use, can the fast aging test is achieved, and thus greatly improve the efficiency of the aging test, and avoid the signal interface of wear and tear of product, the product performance more stable.
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