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by:MOSO     2020-03-18
Science and technology of moso power adapter electronics fair in Brazil in July 2015, shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. Ministry of foreign trade manager: Hu Zhenyong, WenTianFeng, went to Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil, international consumer electronics show in 2015. Exhibition profile by Azul Play company hosted by Brazil's biggest consumer electronics appliances, consumer electronics, mobile phones and IT products held annually in Sao Paulo. Through innovation, Brazil's consumer electronics show brings together the industry and various size of retail, brand, and is beneficial to a partnership, improve, eliminate trade barriers, promote good business deal. Brazil's consumer electronics show in 2014 from more than 230 companies at home and abroad took part in the professional exhibitions, 1000 brands of more than 10000 kinds of product distribution in the area of 36000 square meters exhibition center, attracted 33000 professional audience access ( Audience analysis: chain and retail stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesalers, distributors, department stores, home centers, importers, exporters and electronic components industry) 。 In 2015, the 10th Brazil's consumer electronics show is expected to attend the 400 enterprises, 40000 audience. Display content 1, consumer electronic products: LCD, satellite and bluetooth products, digital TV, speakers, headphones, audio, electronic gifts, books, video equipment products, electronic entertainment products, etc. ; 2, communication products and accessories, mobile phones, software, hardware, satellite communication technology, intelligent communication products, etc. ; 3, computer and peripheral products; 4, automobile electronic products: navigation products, audio-visual products and other related products; 5, and related electronic components and electronic materials: power supply, power adapter, power supply, chargers, batteries, electronic components, electronic components, connectors, etc. ; 6, home appliances and small home appliance: big home appliances products, small electronic products, kitchen appliances, heating and refrigeration products, personal health and fitness products.
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