The power adapter manufacturer maintenance and maintenance of power adapter for daily use

by:MOSO     2020-03-18
Many are using laptop reader friends are complaining about laptop battery can't support a long time, a lot of problems, it is used when there are many kinds of methods can be compressed to note this computer work power consumption, so that the laptop battery work more durable. The power adapter is very important to maintain daily, about its use life. The power adapter manufacturer will come under the popularization for everybody about maintenance and maintenance of the power adapter for daily use. 1, be careful not to insert the power cord port into other ports, insert and pull out the wire, prevent port is loose. Don't charged plug a serial port, parallel port, such as PS / 2 interface. 2, check whether there is any problem on capacitance resistance inductance, such as capacitance in bulge, had better change in time, lest leave hidden trouble. Pay attention to the power cord, winding notebook when the power cord to note as far as possible, lest broke the internal cable circuit. If the external power supply is not power, you can try to plug in a laptop battery, if the laptop can normal boot, the power cord could be a laptop or notebook power adapter has a problem. Then use a multimeter test, find out whether there is problem, notebook power supply cord to simplify the fault to solve the difficulty of, don't try to open the laptop power adapter shell from the start. 3, shell to avoid the scratch, collision shell. Using professional laptop bag. Don't in desktop notebook, prevent foot pads fall off. 4, if there is something wrong with the original notebook power adapter, can't repair, we can use other adapter to replace, as long as the output voltage, current and interface can be quite. And as far as possible not to destroy the shell, shell after destruction, can appear the problems such as electromagnetic radiation, strengthen, influence the stability of the notebook. There is also a very harm on their body. If the casing damage, as far as possible to send to repair. Open appearance, after open the shield, it is best to first check welding feet, macroscopic observation, circuit starts, are generally poor contact. 5, to drive, not to touch the optical drive internal components, use high quality blanks, improves the life span of cd-rom, loading and unloading of CD, to hold the tray by hand. 6, power adapter, please do not crush the power adapter cable to the power cord external insulation sleeve fracture. Please do not let the power cable caused by long-term bearing damage the power cord. To prevent fall and impact. Not after using computer shutdown, please put the power adapter and socket to disconnect. Above for you about 6 PM daily use of maintenance and maintenance of the power adapter, hope everybody can carefully to understand issue. Frequency, reasonable arrangement of the charging current notebook computer technology, if you charge with the power adapter on the trip, it should be recharged in charge any possible opportunity. If your laptop is old, so it can be equipped with a piece of nimh batteries, for the battery, you'd better every 1 month for a full charge and discharge & ndash; — All run out of battery power, until even support boot, and then to fully charged, keep 1 ~ 2 hours after full electric work continuously. Only in this way, can extend your battery capacity, reduce the memory effect, or your battery will in just a few months, spending less time power support.
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