The power adapter: Japan PSE certification, PSE certification circle and diamond difference

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
Japan PSE certification, PSE certification is mandatory safety certification, the evidence of the motor electronic products has passed the Japanese electrical and material safety law ( DENAN法) Or international IEC standard safety standard test. Japan's DENTORL method ( Electrical equipment and material control) Regulation, 456 kinds of products have to through security authentication into the Japanese market. Among them, 116 species of class A product should get the diamond PSE mark, 340 class B should obtain products circular PSE mark. Starting from April 1, 2001 & other; Electrical product control ( DENTORL) ” Has officially changed its name to & other; Electrical product safety act ( DENAN) ” 。 Is different from the previous agreement of laws and regulations system of control, the new system will be by the unofficial organization to ensure the safety of the product. The difference between the circle and diamond every product within the diamond PSE directory, enter the Japanese market, must through the third party inspection agencies authorized by the Japanese ministry of economy, the inspection certificate of quality. And products within the circular PSE directory, enter the Japanese market, must entrust a third party testing institutions to test, obtains the certificate of quality, confirmed in accordance with the Japanese benchmark electrical appliance technology. PSE directory listing according to DENTORL method, 340 kinds of class B products is divided into seven parts: 1) Simple wiring casing and junction box 2) 100 v - Simple single phase motors between 300 v 3) Household electric products 4) Household electric or computer games products. 5) Using light civil or household products 6) Residential and commercial electronics 7) Other 100 v - Between 300 v electrical appliances category A: specify the electrical equipment and material products such as: AC adapter Plugs Multi - TapB: other electrical equipment and materials products cover product range class A PSE specific electrical products certification scope 1) Wire and cable, fuse, wiring devices ( Electrical accessories, lighting, etc. ) 2), current limiter, transformers, ballasts Electric appliances, electric mechanical equipment ( And home appliances) Application, electronic mechanical appliances ( High frequency hair removal device) 3) Communication with other electrical mechanical equipment ( Electric shock insecticidal, dc power supply device) , carrying the engine must have affected Japan's economic and trade industry licensing third-party certification body certification according to DENAN law, manufacturers have a duty to save the test results and certificate label must have the diamond PSE mark class B Japan not specific electrical PSE certification scope circular PSE mark certified products in Japan, all belong to & other; The specific electrical appliance & throughout; Products within the directory, enter the Japanese market, must be approved by the Japanese ministry of economy of laboratory test, confirmed in accordance with the Japanese electrical appliance technology benchmark, obtains the qualification testing report PSE certificate, after the product with PSE circular logo, product to Japan market sales. Organization of data from the network.
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