The parking lot lighting how to realize the intelligent control?

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
The parking lot lighting how to realize the intelligent control? The underground parking lot lighting a few problems: 1, if using ordinary LED fluorescent lamp lighting, it is affected by high temperature for a long period of time, attenuation of lamps and lanterns soon; When two is in the middle of the night, also requires a lot of power, is not only the waste of energy, also means that property increased operating costs, reduce the profit space; 2, the number of garage light more, replacement, maintenance workload is big, is a difficulty of property management; 3, if considering the operation cost, underground garage lighting only light a few lamps and makes the dark and combined with the traffic was very small, often provides favorable conditions for the criminals, is the weak area of the safety management. How to achieve both environmental protection and energy saving, and ensure the brightness of the parking lot lighting, ensure the safety of the owners? Used in the place such as corridor, stair acoustic control scheme does not apply, because it is the feature of testing the voice of surroundings, if the environment is too travel, is easy to have bright light; On the other hand, if too quiet around, may not be triggered. Except when we know that the choice of lamps and lanterns, try to choose energy-saving lamps and lanterns, when decorating a reasonable distance, height, we also can make use of intelligent lighting control system to solve this problem. The parking lot lighting how to realize the intelligent control? Using mobile radar detection and infrared sensor technology, control trigger type, area have a vehicle, in the area ( Vehicle route 10 meters range) Provide 100% of the illumination brightness; Area without person, intelligent lighting brightness to reduce. Intelligent adjustment, not just a and off two options. The brightness can be 10% 100% adjusted, and these are according to the different environment, distance from the density degree, different factors such as cost to make choices. Parking lot lighting intelligent control benefits: it can meet the requirements of security monitoring lighting, also make lighting lighting has been effectively used, greatly reducing the waste of electricity, prolong the service life of the lamps and lanterns. Can not only improve the social benefit and economic benefit, but also improve the customer satisfaction. Here, a lot of people have a question: such frequent intelligent adjustment, depletion of will light bulb, the service life of cut short the light bulb? The answer is: will not! Used in the intelligent parking lot LED lighting lamps and lanterns, unlike home, it itself have adjustable light function, can adapt to the 'inside' the brightness of the regulation, so through the system to control, instead will extend the service life of equipment.
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