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by:MOSO     2020-03-18
For all have just bought a notebook computer geeks, the overall performance of the laptop is crucial, so, do you know to recharge your laptop power adapter, charger, that is, ordinary people said, what can you understand? Readers don't just buy laptop because it is out of order, and do not pay attention to the quality of your charger for your laptop has what function? Of course, first you have to understand the parameters of your power adapter. Power adapter many of them we won't be able to identify electronic components, of course, because these has a difference to the quality of electronic components, so your your adapter will be zero. The difference of 1% ~ 5%. Many users at the time of playing mmos, computer screen unprovoked shut down, is that you don't have enough power output of the power adapter ( Output current is too small) As a result of. First of all, you have to know the structure of your adapter. 1, roughly divided into four parts: A line of input ( AC power cord) C, B, as the main body in the charger, for the output line ( The DC line) , D for the joint. 2. Next, the opposite of the adapter, in turn, take a look at what its parameters. Really is the public computer fans should be aware of the three parameters: the output power, voltage, output current, perhaps the reader wondering, are not input parameters? The role of our adapter is actually about the unstable current into our daily life can give laptop charging of constant voltage direct current (dc). ( Our adapter three parameters respectively is 90 w, 20 v, 4. 5A) 。 3, the surface shows that the AC/DC is what? AC ( Such as home, office is an alternating current is called AC use) 。 DC ( Such as the car, the plane is a direct current is called DC use) 。 Actually watching parameter is very simple, basically see the input voltage, output voltage and output current is ok. But should pay attention to is: buy depends on the output voltage is dc or ac, how many V voltage, electric current is how many A's, buying power when small power supply current is certainly can't use, if small will burn transformer, if not like you that is current, it does not matter if you are A bit bigger, but not too big! Adapter parameters in detail: 1, the input voltage is 100 - international standards 240V。 2, output parameters, the USB interface is generally 5 v 0. 6 a or 0. 8 a or 0. 9 a 1 a or 1. 5 a, suitable for all USB charging equipment, just for the large capacity equipment charging relatively fast. If you must know how much is the VA, you can buy an ammeter to measure it. The above information is around the parameters of the power adapter as an explanation, power adapter manufacturer remind hope everyone at the time of use or buy the power adapter must pay attention to see the parameters of the power adapter, it use the safety of the power adapter for you is very important.
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