The notebook power adapter three development status quo of notebook power adapter!

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
Laptop from birth to now, has been 30 years, as an important productivity tool to promote the development of human, now the laptop has become us the indispensable role, and with the continuous development of so many years, no matter from the function, performance, security, stability, but also can find the necessary hardware notebook power adapter is not too big difference! No unified standard, notebook power adapter could have such a complex classification now, notebook power adapter toughest problems is that there is no unified standard, all kinds of power adapter savage growth, so we see the laptop power supply are all sorts of multifarious, it is difficult to categorize. They can be classified according to the brand, such as we know, several international companies According to the letter) :Acer( 宏下棋) ,苹果 Apple) 、ASUS( Asus) 、DELL( Dell (dell) 、HP( HP) 、LENOVO( Lenovo) 、TOSHIBA( Toshiba) 。 Divided into according to the use of AC ( Such as home, office is an alternating current is called AC use) , DC ( Such as the car, the plane is a direct current is called DC use) 。 According to the output voltage current points ( The label behind the charger, are written at the back of the OUTPUT, how much is the V, how much A) , there are 12 v, 15 v, 16 v series, 18. 5 v series, 19 v series, 19. 5 v series, the series of 20 v, 24 v series and so on, this is just the voltage, electric current is the same series can different oh ~ in addition, even if is the voltage and current are the same, their interfaces have a small chance of the same size, in the shape of the interface, a long, flat, square, round, however, is also great circle and small round circle. 。 。 So it's really difficult to make? The appearance has lasted most of the traditional plank brick shape & throughout; The ac adapter is found in this game, now go to search on the net, as long as it is laptop power supply related products, what are the traditional notebook power adapter and the traditional notebook power supply is a big inconvenience take volume, 2 it is weight problems, if it is encountered some unforeseen accident as a plank brick, not too much! But there are part of the power supply manufacturers have begun to like a small notebook power adapter development, the current moso technology has produced a small size of 65 w ultra small notebook power adapter, and match multiple brand models. Wire & other; Disaster & throughout; Wire problem, it is also a way for computer users be headaches, a lot of people have lines to the mouse, keyboard, power cables, and sound of what various mixed together feeling, this kind of situation for most people it is disastrous, mouse, keyboard so later realized wireless connection, so the laptop power adapter can realize wireless charger? Don't say is possible, dell has exhibited a wireless charging design notebook, and now mobile phone wireless charging design look very similar. But now people think is your office in a short period of time can realize, but such as if on a business trip and will be very inconvenient, because the wireless charger is very big, not easy to carry. But this product is only in the development stage at present, believe the future will have substantial breakthrough.
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