The notebook power adapter notebook power adapter how to repair?

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
In the era of industrial automation, switch power supply has been used in all industries, its precision and strict requirements of the current power circuit, makes switch power supply circuit board repair PCB repair difficulty bigger one common fault equipment in the industry. We are engaged in power supply maintenance work consisting of more than 10 years of time, before the notebook power adapter maintenance, we must understand the working principle of notebook power adapter. We all know that laptop power supply system is second only to the CPU and motherboard, display the third biggest key components. Power supply system including the power adapter, rechargeable batteries and power management system, etc. Don't think the power adapter is what high-tech product, laptop power adapter is actually a very mature technology products, but as said above to repair notebook power adapter to do the above problems started analysis. A fault analysis, notebook power adapter is out of order below laptop, recently, small make up the power converter is found using the notebook computer can't boot, used batteries can be used well. From easy to difficult, from outside into the principles, the author first multimeter is used to inspect the power cord, namely eight line, after testing found that the power cord in the open circuit state. Small make up on reflection feel an open repair this power cord (not much meaning Main consideration after opening will seriously affect the appearance of the power cord, damage the overall coordination of notebook computer) Came across the line, then consider looking for alternatives, and on the radio, almost can be said to be completely general. So to change into a normal use. But the new problem appeared again soon, fault show the laptop off electricity, often show downs, sometimes even move a little bit about the machine, it may lead to machine off the electricity. In use process, often appear screen flicker, and so on and so forth. Two things together, in ruling out the LCD panel under the premise of their own fault, preliminary determination is power supply circuit has a problem, then to look at the power adapter, laptop computer in the power supply circuit is generally not easy problem, there is something wrong with the power supply circuit, general issues or out on the power adapter. 2 maintenance process, notebook power adapter only maintenance before some small power adapter, power adapter, such as radio and walkman and no laptop adapter maintenance experience, to specific see below: 1. Exterior power adapter is generally composed of shell, power supply transformer and rectifier circuit ( As shown in figure) 。 2. Nameplate, it should be said, open the power adapter shell is need to spend some time. Laptop power adapter shell fusion quite close together, want to open it is almost impossible. Want to back after open the enclosure, it should be said that it is impossible. This can be used as we identify the power adapter is a standard for the original. Already open a plastic cap in the figure. 3. The effect of metal shielding layer metal shielding layer is self-evident, As shown in figure) 。 4. Internal general picture to see the power adapter, in fact also nothing important, mysterious and common switch, voltage regulator circuit is no big difference, also is some capacitor, resistor, inductor, switching diode, the power core chip ( Not take out) (such as As shown in figure) 。 Of course, these are some element of high fever. The laptop around 60 W power adapter power, mainly through the plastic shell conduction heat generated inside out. The surface temperature of the power adapter is quite high, adapter, is a standard furnace, 80 ℃ estimate. Therefore, the author suggests that we at the time of using laptops, try not to pile up things on the power adapter, especially the flammable materials. 5. Capacitance close-up attention pin, this is the result of the author after operation with it. Before the capacitor has a little bulge ( As shown in figure) , under high temperature, the service life of electrolytic capacitors is very brief, has said, every elevated temperature 10 ℃, the service life of electrolytic capacitor will shorten the half. Look from actual condition, the capacitance also does not affect the use, but after all, there is a ticking time bomb, perhaps which day will burn out laptop motherboard power supply circuit. So the author found a slightly larger capacity change. My craft is not very good, and no spot welding machine. So the welding effect is poorer, but absolutely strong. 6. Resistance pin ( As shown in figure) 。 Part of the circuit features. 7. The circuit features ( As shown in figure) 。 The left has a condom is to protect the circuit. 8. Rectifier circuit ( As shown in figure) 。 Composed of inductor and capacitor filter circuit, and then enter the switch tube circuit composed of transistor. This is several big steps for the maintenance of notebook power adapter through these steps, we can check the notebook power adapter again. Of course, if there is no big problem, it is best not to easily open the enclosure, if need be, suggest or find professionals better guaranteed.
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