The new Qspeed 150 V diode introduced by PI perfectly combines switching speed and softness

by:MOSO     2020-01-17

Power Integrations launches new Qspeed today? 150 V diode product series. As the world's fastest Silicon diode, QspeedLQA150 series devices also have excellent softness to achieve low EMI. The new diode is designed based on the company's Qspeed combined PIN technology and has the lowest junction capacitance on the market (CJ)And the lowest reverse recovery charge (QRR)- It is 60% and 40% lower than Schottky diode respectively.

This unique combination of characteristic balance can realize high frequency operation, so magnetic core elements with smaller size and lower cost can be used while maintaining the highest efficiency. The new device has excellent EMI performance, which means that the need for buffer capacitors can be reduced or even eliminated, which helps to further improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Klaus Pietrczak, product marketing director of Power Integrations, said: Our tests show that these devices are the fastest and lowest switching silicon diodes on the market. Compared with the best channel Schottky diodes, their performance is at least twice higher, and they are especially suitable for high switching frequency applications.

these new 150 V diodes are all configured with common cathode, with specifications ranging from 10 A to 40 A, it is very suitable for DC/DC converters and output rectifier tubes with hard or soft switches. LQA150 diodes are now readily available with DPAK, D2PAK and- 220 package, with an order quantity of 10000, each price is between 0. 33 to 0. Between $96.

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