The new PrimePACK 3 plug-and-play Gate Driver helps you speed up development and enhance stability

by:MOSO     2019-12-17

Power Integrations has just introduced a new plug-and-play Gate Driver, which can be used with Infineon's PrimePACK™ 3 It is used in conjunction with IGBT modules of the same kind as Fuji motor. Highly integrated SCALE-2™ The 2SP0430 Gate Driver is suitable for two-level and three-level industrial, traction, UPS and renewable energy applications.

The Gate Driver provides two different versions for 1200V and 1700V PrimePACK 3 IGBT modules, which can support insulation class 5000VAC (50Hz/1 min)And 9150VAC (50Hz/1 min). All models are coated with three-proof paint to enhance the durability of the plug-and-play drive board in harsh environments.

2SP0430 Gate Driver product family integrates many safety features, such as undervoltage protection (UVLO) , Short circuit protection and new dynamic advanced active clamp (DAAC), Can meet IEC60664-1 and IEC61800-5-1 Standard. DAAC is especially suitable for photovoltaic inverters (PV) And traction drive applications, because in these applications, unstable power supply voltage can cause DC bus voltage to rise to the maximum value.

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