The new power transformer is SCALE- IDriver Gate Driver IC product line provides perfect supplement

by:MOSO     2019-12-25

Power Integrations has now introduced a series of electromagnetic isolation transformers, which can be SCALE-IDriver™ Series gate drivers provide correct voltage and power. This combination can provide a simple and reliable cost-effective scheme without additional voltage adjustment.

SIT12xxI transformer is suitable for 600V and 1200V with 5V (SIT1253I)Or 15V (SIT1217I) Dual Channel SCALE with input voltage and 25V output voltage-IDriver gate driver. They adopt'Wire insulation'(Isolated Wire-In-Wire) Structure, which can realize high reliability, strong insulation capability and low coupling capacitance. These devices have been fully UL and VDE certified for industrial applications and harsh environments.

match SCALE- IDriver IGBT or SiC- With MOSFET drivers, SIT12xxI can reduce system deployment, qualification and certification time, and a single procurement source can simplify the procurement process.

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