The lights keep your store is how to use? - - - - - - Shenzhen mahjong layout lighting control layout

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
The lights keep your store is how to use? - - - - - - Shenzhen, shenzhen one mahjong layout lighting control layout the DaTiLiang shopping centre opened one mahjong layout on traffic break through 400000 person-time, on October 28, 2017, the current size of the largest shopping center officially opened in shenzhen, it is said that everyone in shenzhen to come here! See is all all all. So hot popularity, not only to attract consumers, more make the market become today's circle of friends web celebrity, frequency refresh by commercial real estate. So, the shopping center, what brings you a what kind of surprise? I want to in addition to architectural modeling, the most can retain a person's the most important is mall lighting control effect. One mahjong layout with mass-tone attune 'mei red' is given priority to, give you a warm, warm tonal, around the theme of the original image of IP UNIPLAY popularity, fashion show, interaction, etc. Visible to all store is, by all the LED lamps and lanterns to adjust the light color, a large number of article use lamp chamfer lamp and tube light, outlined the business line. The most conspicuous is above three big toughened glass skylights, use RGB color wash wall lamp with light, Chen co-operate using lighting intelligent control system, the cycle of the gradient of different colors. On the first floor is more big, jewelry, exhibition hall, so light is not too intense damage items is beautiful, but to the overall light environment comfortable and harmonious. On the second floor is the clothing store, the ceiling by countless small triangle of light and shade staggered, beautiful and generous. Leisure, the ceiling on the third floor is more concise, high color rendering, light is more bright. The fifth floor is on the fourth floor dining area, canister light density is low, the light is darker, create a warm dining environment a prosperous commercial center, must be good lighting control effect for rendering, good effect of light color easy to hook up people's emotional appeal and desires, it is a place for the consumer, but also a paradise for art appreciation, they are willing to stay here, they are willing to consumption here, they are looking forward to come here next time. 。 。 。 。 。 。
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