The LED light of several adjustable light type

by:MOSO     2020-03-11
1, silicon controlled dimmer that development in incandescent lamp dimming technology, for incandescent lamp is pure resistance load, using SCR chopper, can realize the dimmer, but for the LED is not practical, judging from the current compatible with silicon controlled dimmer power, efficiency is very low, usually it is difficult to achieve 80%, it's against the LED energy saving purpose, secondly, it is difficult to achieve high power factor, again, can only work under the single input voltage, the dimming technology will die because of the death of incandescent lamp, but due to the high penetration rate, market will exist for a period of time. 2, linear dimming using constant current chip dedicated barefoot, adjust the LED current, achieve the goal of the dimmer, the technical effect is good, but the connection is complex, is not conducive to fluorescent lamp, street lamps and other lighting lamps a lot of using this method. 3, PWM dimming PWM signal produced by other IC, by adjusting the pulse width of the dimming PWM signal to control the dimming control of the power chip pins dimming voltage to achieve, such as remote control. This method is similar to the linear dimming, together with the linear dimming occupied most of the dimmer lamp. 4 outside remote control and wireless remote control, remote control dimmer dividends two, to implement more complex, but can reach change color temperature, color and other way that move light can't reach the effect of, at present is mainly used for panel lamp dimming, there is also a part of the ball bubble lamp USES some kind of dimmer. 5, dimming the dimmer mode using the switch on the wall in the prescriptive time switch to achieve the purpose of that move light, this method has the advantage of no additional components that move light, according to the existing installation, each lamp dimming can be realized, the other one, because the dimming is completely controlled by the internal power switch chip, full voltage range, work no matter under what kind of brightness, can achieve high efficiency and high power factor, the disadvantage is that only according to the brightness of the pre-set cycle adjustment, can't realize stepless dimmer. Electrical focus on the LED light, 10 years experience in special lighting development, professional LED dimming power supply customized service. To the company's website http:/// for more, hotline: welcome to the factory guidance:
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