The LED driving power supply is a direct current that converts AC mains into a suitable LED

by:MOSO     2020-02-27
The LED driving power supply is the direct current that converts the AC mains into a suitable LED, and a power adapter, namely the LED driving power supply, is needed between the mains and the LED. According to the power consumption rules of the power grid and the characteristic requirements of LED driving power supply, the following points should be considered when selecting and designing LED driving power supply: 1. high reliability, especially like the driving power supply of LED street lamps, which is installed at high altitude, is inconvenient to maintain and costs a lot of maintenance. 2. High efficiency LED is an energy-saving product, and the efficiency of the driving power supply is high. It is especially important for the structure in which the power supply is installed in the lamp. Because the luminous efficiency of LED decreases with the increase of LED temperature, the heat dissipation of LED is very important. The efficiency of the power supply is high, its loss power is small, and the calorific value in the lamp is small, thus reducing the temperature rise of the lamp. It is beneficial to delay the light decay of LED. 3. The reason for high power is the requirement of the power grid for load. Generally, there is no mandatory indicator for electrical appliances below 70 watts. Although the low power of a single electrical appliance with low power has little effect on the power grid, it will cause serious pollution to the power grid if everyone lights up at night and the similar load is too concentrated. For 30 watts ~ 40 w led drive power supply, it is said that in the near future, perhaps there will be a certain index requirements for power reasons. 4. There are two driving modes: one is a constant voltage source for multiple constant current sources, and each constant current source supplies power to each LED separately. This way, the combination of flexible, all the way LED failure, does not affect the work of other LED, but the cost will be slightly higher. The other is direct constant current power supply, LED series or parallel operation. Its advantage is that the cost is lower, but the flexibility is poor, but also to solve a certain LED failure, does not affect the operation of other LED problems. These two forms coexist for a period of time. Multi-Channel constant current output power supply mode will be better in terms of cost and performance. Perhaps the mainstream direction in the future.
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